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  1. I’ve owned a fair share of Lambas (L700MKI, L500MKI, 507, 407, 404). I didn’t care for the L500 or the 404. I agree though that lambdas tend to do get the love they deserve. I’d take a L700 and day of the week over a 009. I’ll look for a Lamda Nova Signature and scoop it up if one becomes available to have a listen. I’m always up for expanding my horizons with older Stax models.
  2. I am assuming when you say “read the second review” you “mean watch the second link?” If not, please clarify. I’ll gladly give them a shot if I can find one at a decent price or I can find a friend with a pair for me to borrow. I’m not paying some of the used prices people are asking just to try MKI when it’s later lineage didn’t wow me on initial listen. Doesn’t seem prudent when there are others out there that did. If I hear the magic in home, I’ll extoll their virtues. If not, they’ll stay in the not for me pile. I feel my system is enough to give them a fair shake.
  3. Maybe it is more accurate to say that 007MKI/Carbon combo is more desirable rather than people just generalizing the 007MKI since the 007MKI scales far down from ideal faster than with other Stax headphones? IDK, I’m just trying to find a middle ground between you guys. I’ve only heard a Mk2.9 (may have been a 2.5) through a stock Stax SS amp and I wasn’t all that enamored with it. Since that is my only 007 experience, I don’t consider myself very heavily 007 credentialed but just trying to mediate the conversation.
  4. That does sound similar to what others have reported.
  5. Thanks for the tip. I’ll head up to Tokyo this month and give them a listen.
  6. Ouch tell me how you really feel, lol. I’ve never bothered to listen to the L500mk2 but I did not care for the L500mk1 at all. Sound and worst of all the fit. Pads felt cheap and ears were touching the liner.
  7. @spritzerhow did the x9K sound after the L500 cable was swapped? Count me in the weirdo camp that really likes the L700, 009s and x9000 sound.
  8. At Fujiya Avic? If so then I may have to head up there.
  9. @JoaMatThanks! I just ordered 2 sets of the BOM for my boards. Now I just need access to the rest of the BOMs.
  10. All of the BOM attachments are only downloading for me as XML files. Does anyone else have this issue?
  11. I’m trying to finish re-flow oven in my spare time when normal people are sleeping, lol. It’s missing insulation, servo arm and that’s about it. A little touch up to the truck bed liner paint as well.
  12. Well not “both hands free” during the entire process. You still have to apply paste and place the component but the actual soldering portion is hands free. There are some methods out there for tackling double sided boards but I haven’t looked into them. Here a few: https://forum.allaboutcircuits.com/threads/how-are-double-sided-pcbs-soldered-in-a-reflow-oven.55282/
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