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  1. Aumkar Chandan

    Kaldas Research

    This weekend I flew down to Bangkok to meet the man himself, Wachara. For me the the entire RR1 Project was a dream - to develop a fully in-house Headphone with Bespoke parts specific to the Headphone and to meet my Heroes along the way. RR1 has enabled me to meet some of the greatest people in the Industry worldwide and that's the only success I see in the Headphone. Everything else to me is irrelevant. With Wachara, I've met all the Heroes I wanted to meet and that ends the RR1 chapter for me. Kaldas was named after my Grandfather and our goal with the company has always been quite diverse. We started the Headphone project knowing we would be in financial turmoil by the end of it and that is indeed, the truth. I will be managing our Headphone division not for long now, as we expand our production and settle the Manufacturing, the responsibilities will be handed over to one of my longest serving Engineer who was instrumental in the RR1 development. I will divert my attention to some of my other dreams. Thank you to everyone whom I've met along the way. Those memories will serve me well for a long time. Where it all started for me. Visiting G.R.A.S. in Denmark Meeting Birgir in Iceland At Audeze HQ in Los Angeles Klippel in Dresden And finally.
  2. Aumkar Chandan

    Kaldas Research

    Not yet but I have been in touch with Wachara from the beginning and will be visiting him in the coming months. He knows! Was going to meet him sooner but a lot of travel came up and now I'm sorting out some production related stuff.
  3. Aumkar Chandan

    Kaldas Research

    Hi, Yeah, so this is what I had at the booth - So, this was only there as a precautionary measure as the wires on the RR1 are exposed for an aesthetic purpose. Nobody is crazy enough to do it (Stupid design but, did it cause I like it) so I just wanted to make sure nobody accidentally shoved their hands inside. It's all insulated so there's not much to worry about but again, just a precautionary measure and the intended method to properly handle the Headphones. In the end, the classic male mentality won "I know what I'm doing, instructions are for pussies" and hence that leaflet was mostly ignored 😉 Thanks a lot for stopping by!
  4. Aumkar Chandan

    Kaldas Research

    Just wanted to post a quick update that I will be in LA for a certain Headphone show this coming weekend. I hate marketing posts and I am very grateful for Head-Case to let me post without asking for Sponsorship or just simply deleting my posts. So, I will respect that and will leave it at that. If anybody is interested and lives in the area, please feel free to test the RR1. I will have the KGSSHV, 252-S and E/90 with a STAX adapter to cover from low-end to high-end.
  5. Aumkar Chandan

    Kaldas Research

    Are you sure about that Birgir? Last time I heard, a guy name Ralph or Rafe said you need at least a couple of days for "Electron Alignment" , I suggest swimming across the Arctic ocean for 3 days as a final measure as well.
  6. Aumkar Chandan

    Kaldas Research

    Today was a very special day. They say, never meet your heroes but today I met the man, the myth, the Legend of the Spritzer. I flew down to Reykjavík to deliver the first production RR1 to ever leave Indian shores. It was an honour to meet Birgir, I still remember reading his posts 7-8 years ago when I got into the hobby and owning an Electrostat seemed unfathomable. So, delivering my Headphone to the STAX Mafia is an occasion to celebrate. Had commissioned 2 custom KGSSHVs. Our primary Amp of choice for upcoming shows. Really fortunate to be lucky enough to visit Iceland. Even though it was a short business trip, will be back with the family someday.
  7. Aumkar Chandan

    Kaldas Research

    Thank you for your kind words!
  8. Aumkar Chandan

    Kaldas Research

    Not ready for official orders yet. I am currently delivering a couple dozen units to some of our local customers who have placed their orders since last year. Birgir and Wachara will be among the first to get theirs internationally, hopefully by the time their opinion is out we will be ready for international orders. Will be an epic fail if they don't like it.
  9. Aumkar Chandan

    Kaldas Research

    Yup, soon!
  10. Aumkar Chandan

    Kaldas Research

    Hello Sir, I don't think a closed E-Stat is a good idea.
  11. Aumkar Chandan

    Kaldas Research

    I thought I'd share this here. Yesterday, I flew down to meet some of the most prolific Electrostatic collectors in Bangalore, India. This was their first time seeing or listening to the RR1 Conquest - A lot of the people there were STAX owners of course, many owning 009s, 007s etc as well as some very sophisticated Amplification was present there as well. I also brought along the XP1, which stands for "Experimental Prototype 1". The XP1 was our original test mule that was created to be subjected to the worse possible conditions and also served as our stress mule, having over >3000 hours of service. It was on our dummy head running various impulses for 4 months, 24 hours, all day every day. It still lives but I had to open and clean the drivers once as there is intentional lack of dust protection on it. The XP1 is named after the McLaren F1 XP1, which I regard as one of the greatest examples of man and machine harmony. The XP1 is a special chassis that I intend to keep for my personal collection. Here are some impressions from the folks at the meet (I have taken a direct screenshot from the TIAF group) - I'm glad they liked it but I will say this - I don't like hype. It's the worst thing in the world. These guys are quite experienced and have been in the game longer than me but I still say, take it with a grain of salt. I might be the only Manufacturer in Headphone history to say that but, that's how I like doing business. I don't like hype, that's why I will be travelling around the world to show the Headphone this year. Hopefully, people get to hear it for themselves! Also, this was my first time listening to RR1 on the KGSSHV Carbon and oh boy! I have two "normal" KGSSHVs on order from Spritzer as my primary Amplification for international shows, I think I will need to get the Carbon too for my home setup. That thing is pure lunacy.
  12. Aumkar Chandan

    Kaldas Research

    Yup. Walls, wheels and earpads. They are promethean.
  13. Aumkar Chandan

    Kaldas Research

    Hello Sir, Yes. you could block the port on a dry day. The port is easy to access. Here's a picture : TPU : Thermoplastic Polyurethane, an industry common thermoplastic used for gasket/bushing applications. Our Dust Covers are glued to it and are fully sealed on top of being mechanically torqued by the housing.
  14. Aumkar Chandan

    Kaldas Research

    I agree, that is what any logical person/company should do . That's why STAX has been doing it for years and what many industry people have told me as well, but..there is dust protection. The only difference is the form. STAX uses crumpled PET as well as almost everybody else. I use a Polyester based fabric which is TPU gasketed to the entire Driver from both sides. If we talk numbers, dust particle size averages from 5-500µm compared to a diameter of 12-15µm fiber diameter for Polyester. That's just the fiber diameter, not the inter-weave distance. Now, even if the Headphone was positioned with gravity, the chances of dust getting through the fabric is slim. Not to mention the inherent tensile strength advantage for the fabric over a crumpled PET which is known for tearing and infamous for a certain headphone that was opened up on this very forum here which had holes in the dust cover from the factory. Another thing, I didn't enjoy the Manufacturing process of crumpling dust-covers and don't find the Acoustic trade-off worth it. Some say it doesn't make an Acoustic difference, it did for my system hence I chose not to use it. You could but I don't recommend it as the RR1 front area is quite hermetically sealed and will inevitably lead to sweating.
  15. Aumkar Chandan

    Kaldas Research

    Hi Arnaud, Yes, the design does have some impact but is negligible compared to spatial tolerances in the FR due to the inherent, narrow dispersion patterns by Electrostatic transmission. The RR1 initially wasn't an Electrostatic, I was developing a new transmission type which was an Electrodynamic derivative with a key component eliminated to reduce mass but because of budget/technical constraints, I had to stop the R&D. The system was designed to be angled. Hence, we took the same chassis and engineered an Electrostatic system around it. As you might know, Electrostatic drivers are useless at an angle. Yes, my design is indeed ported but not for Acoustic reasons. The port is a pressure/humidity relief port. My drivers don't use a traditional dust cover system like others and hence have a different reaction to turbulent patterns which make the diaphragms sensitive to collision to the Stator only if there's a sudden pressure change when the system is operating at an high SPL or if the system isn't coupled to the head while it's is baised. The port reduced the effect to a certain level but is still a characteristic of my system, no big deal to be honest but is a place where I think I can definitely improve upon. The port also helped to reduce moisture build up which was a very critical issue I was facing in the R&D - voltage breakdown. I'm in Mumbai so this triggered it more than it would elsewhere. We also experimented with Hydrophobic coatings but had no success. Without the port, the bass extension was among the flattest I've measured on an Electrostatic but, to address the stability issues, I had to port for all the above reasons. Hope this answers your questions, don't worry about me not sharing something. I could care less about keeping trade secrets. No progress can be made without sharing your findings. I've read your posts over the years and I really appreciate your service to the community. Same can be said about Wachara, Birgir etc.....