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  1. Here are some photos of a recent Bespoke unit we delivered -
  2. Yes, in that case we have been in production since last year and have crossed over a hundred units in the production mark. It's not a lot but, this is passion not a business. In terms of refinement, refinement to minor fixes have been done. As @JoaMat had pointed out last year regarding the connections, now it is a fully soldered connection from the earlier screw down one. This solved majority of the issues we had in the early units. Then upon Spritzer and Wachara's recommendations since last year, the drivers have 2-stage dust protection and go through vigorous anechoic chamber te
  3. There is an active HF thread if you're interested. I try to limit my postage here on Head-Case as I understand most people here are happy with what they have and are not interested in further marketing posts which nobody cares about.
  4. The re-recorded version by Lalo Schifrin.
  5. Interesting, not sure how the bolt would come loose. Stators are now laser-cut Brass, you can directly solder onto them if you like. The front Stator connection might be challenging due to packaging reasons but it is workable if you want to solder it and not use our bolt method. Furthermore, every part of the Driver is serviceable because it’s all bolted and no glue is used. Spacer is Aluminium though.
  6. Jose, around one more week. @morphsci @JoaMat Not to burst your bubble but DHL is too optimistic, custom clearance causes around 2 days of delay in most cases.
  7. Yes, those imperfections of the Aluminium on Todd's headband is indeed correct. There is a story behind it though, mid-way in our production our Anodizing guy decided to go rogue. The finished parts weren't dark enough and for some reason he was not able to rectify it. We were left with some inventory that was fair but far from perfect and as a small Manufacturer, we couldn't afford to scrap it. Eventually, we did find a reliable Anodizing company and have been working with them since December albeit, they are interesting to deal with as well. This leads me to believe either there is so
  8. This weekend I flew down to Bangkok to meet the man himself, Wachara. For me the the entire RR1 Project was a dream - to develop a fully in-house Headphone with Bespoke parts specific to the Headphone and to meet my Heroes along the way. RR1 has enabled me to meet some of the greatest people in the Industry worldwide and that's the only success I see in the Headphone. Everything else to me is irrelevant. With Wachara, I've met all the Heroes I wanted to meet and that ends the RR1 chapter for me. Kaldas was named after my Grandfather and our goal with the company has always been qui
  9. Not yet but I have been in touch with Wachara from the beginning and will be visiting him in the coming months. He knows! Was going to meet him sooner but a lot of travel came up and now I'm sorting out some production related stuff.
  10. Hi, Yeah, so this is what I had at the booth - So, this was only there as a precautionary measure as the wires on the RR1 are exposed for an aesthetic purpose. Nobody is crazy enough to do it (Stupid design but, did it cause I like it) so I just wanted to make sure nobody accidentally shoved their hands inside. It's all insulated so there's not much to worry about but again, just a precautionary measure and the intended method to properly handle the Headphones. In the end, the classic male mentality won "I know what I'm doing, instructions are for pussies" and hence that leafl
  11. Just wanted to post a quick update that I will be in LA for a certain Headphone show this coming weekend. I hate marketing posts and I am very grateful for Head-Case to let me post without asking for Sponsorship or just simply deleting my posts. So, I will respect that and will leave it at that. If anybody is interested and lives in the area, please feel free to test the RR1. I will have the KGSSHV, 252-S and E/90 with a STAX adapter to cover from low-end to high-end.
  12. Are you sure about that Birgir? Last time I heard, a guy name Ralph or Rafe said you need at least a couple of days for "Electron Alignment" , I suggest swimming across the Arctic ocean for 3 days as a final measure as well.
  13. Today was a very special day. They say, never meet your heroes but today I met the man, the myth, the Legend of the Spritzer. I flew down to Reykjavík to deliver the first production RR1 to ever leave Indian shores. It was an honour to meet Birgir, I still remember reading his posts 7-8 years ago when I got into the hobby and owning an Electrostat seemed unfathomable. So, delivering my Headphone to the STAX Mafia is an occasion to celebrate. Had commissioned 2 custom KGSSHVs. Our primary Amp of choice for upcoming shows. Really fortunate to be lucky enough to visit Iceland.
  14. Thank you for your kind words!
  15. Not ready for official orders yet. I am currently delivering a couple dozen units to some of our local customers who have placed their orders since last year. Birgir and Wachara will be among the first to get theirs internationally, hopefully by the time their opinion is out we will be ready for international orders. Will be an epic fail if they don't like it.
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