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    That is me.
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    I agree but the system is fairly safe due to the orientation of the male and female. There's no real way to get shocked even if a certain Aftermarket cable builder screws up Bias with + or -. Let's say they manage the impossible and intentionally try to get shocked. Due to the inherent lack of current and thanks to our reflex action, you might get a cute shock which will only affect someone emotionally for their poor skill of Electronics handling. Thank you for your kind words. I am trying my best to get a unit out to Spritzer as soon as I can for the Stax community. I understand that there's a lot of crap coming out nowadays and it's hard to build trust. I am an enthusiast as well. My personal collection includes an original SR-1, Sigmas and many other vintages.
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    Hi, I’m Aumkar. I’m the guy behind the RR 1. Yes, I will be sending Birgir a unit once our first batch is ready! Haha, yeah. We used it just for the shoot. I didn’t have a KGSSHV at the time. I will be ordering a few soon from Spritzer for our shows (CanJam)