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  1. Pars Thank you so much for such a detailed answer. Mullet Thank you for the link.
  2. Mullet Input field effect transistors 2N5564 affect the constant component of the output of the amplifier, and not the quiescent current of the output stage.
  3. Please give a link to a good seller for 2n5564-5566 on ebay. Input assemblies affect the constant voltage at the output, the less it is without an integrator, the more likely it is that transistors are not fake. I have a lot of original BF256C, so I asked about the possibility of using them.
  4. 2SK389 / LSK389 or 2x2SK170BL everywhere Chinese fake, BF256C-original.
  5. Hello, is it possible to use BF256C field-effect transistors from PHILIPS at the input?
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