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  1. KGSSHV Carbon Build Thread

    ....same source as for the other 10m90's in your build?
  2. KGSSHV Carbon Build Thread

    where did you get those 10m90's from?
  3. KGSSHV Carbon Build Thread

    unless you've got bad 10m90's (I've never come across any) I find it peculiar that both seems to be acting up pull out one 10m90 and test it with a DMM at ohms, test drain-source: short all legs, before measure drain-source => very low ohms if you don't get that the 10m90's are probably bad if you have a breadboard you might find it useful to build a cascoded css including the trimmer, and test as previously described. If you can't adjust the current using the trimmer, the DN2540 is probably bad (I've seen that a few times) Or you can use an 8pin IC-socket with resistors+trimmer soldered to build a bug-style test CCS-fixture. .
  4. and now for something completely different part 3

    Very nice build Jose con grat!
  5. goldenreference low voltage power supply

    Yes, check your rectified input voltage ...probably too low ...or you might be pulling too much current >3A or so
  6. KGSSHV Carbon Build Thread

    not sure how you can measure currents like that using 18V ....sounds like something else is wrong ...
  7. KGSSHV Carbon Build Thread

    detach the HV rails and use the +LV or two 9V batteries
  8. KGSSHV Carbon Build Thread

    Have you checked the rail as described in the link I pointed to above?
  9. KGSSHV Carbon Build Thread

    you might find this useful, and be aware that the negative rail is identical to the positive, so the voltage ref 'ground' ref is the negative rail rahter than ground.
  10. KGSSHV Carbon Build Thread

    what is the voltage at the drain of the Sic?
  11. KGSSHV Carbon Build Thread

    check the terminal where the leads from the transformer is attached. Might also be that you populated the CPC1117?
  12. KGSSHV Carbon Build Thread

    only one at a time. Both will keep the amp offset ~ zero, and both are altering the operation point of the particular stage.
  13. KGSSHV Carbon Build Thread

    in any case the OpAmp is needed. Servo1 acts on the input, and Servo2 on the output stage rather. You need some ~ +15V offset to use the Servo2.
  14. Blue Hawaii BJT Build thread

    no issue running it a bit low, and leave it at that.
  15. Blue Hawaii BJT Build thread

    secondaries are too low for getting 400V out ... try 375V rather ...lower the two 390k to 365k, or parallel to get there