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  1. I think we might need to run a "speed" GB, too many people want too many things
  2. Thank you, that was my first order of business, it is actually the first DIY I've seen that's so messy, I don't understand why he took the care to add an R2R attenuator and didn't take the time to fix the wires, he probably lost interest at some point. Which wires are best suited for the re-work (model/brand) ? I was hoping to have help with upgrading something more subtle like maybe changing the resistors with some that have better tolerance or checking certain bias / voltage to make sure everything is fine ? I do have a couple questions: Is that SS relay is for the remote
  3. I'm guessing it's one of the relays that have failed, I'm receiving the amp next week, I'll check all that what do you recommend on the wiring ?
  4. any opinions here on the Audio GD R2R 1 ? it seems like a killer deal for the price ? http://www.audio-gd.com/R2R/R2R1/R2R1EN.htm
  5. update ! Pars was gracious enough to supply me with v1.5 boards, I'll hoping sbelyo will have leftover power boards after the GB ships. I also found a SuSy Dynahi made in 2013 with V1 amp boards and a fancy diy relay based attenuator that's apparently broken (the sound is stuck at a particular level) So I'll be tinkering with that one before assembling my own. larger photos here https://imgur.com/a/YRCZnTI? If anyone sees obvious defects or bad practices or things I could check for let me know !
  6. update: I've found an up to date gerber but I'm still looking for a BOM, the one in the thread is out of date. let me know ! thanks
  7. I'm trying to make a Super Symmetry Dynahi (not dynalo) the best possible way. (without getting in the ridiculous). Anyone could direct me to the up to date gerber files, a BOM, any other resources are also appreciated. Also if any of you previous builders have recommendation on best practices and what to avoid while making the susy please share ! Thanks
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