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    Electrostatic Headphones, Reading, Philosophy (Etique and Science especially) Everything that works
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  1. Happy Birthday Sir! Have a nice one!
  2. Happy Birthday Sir!
  3. Happy Birthday Colin!
  4. Happy Birthday Mr Steve!
  5. 45 cm (17,7 inch) İskenderun Döner Dürüm (Wrap): For size comparison: It does not look fancy but It was extremely delicious and huge.
  6. Guys here is the trailer of "Kedi" with English subtitles: And the dates for the USA screenings for those who love cats:
  7. It is 3980 yuan on taobao. Roughly 580 Dollars. I'll try my chances on tao then. And cuz of fucking government I cannot use paypal so buying from Ebay can be an issue. But first I'll sell my whole digital section. I'm spending shitload of money already for living. I spent nearly half of the money that I saved for 007. Anyway... Well from China to Iceland 11 days is really fast.
  8. I wanted to ask which one is that and I found out "Ares". I shared the internals of dac-1Pro but Dr. Kevin did not like it. That one is damn cheap on taobao. From where did you get yours? And the things you say about it... I even might save some money by selling my digital section and buying that DAC. Did you use it with USB input?
  9. Yea we (Mostly Tyler Abi) spent some time for carrying them, then we listened a bit My father and mother don't want to give me the cats. Well they are completely fine there, have a big house, yard to play, etc. Thanks Tyler Abi took them. He is great.
  10. Well It happened yesterday but @Sherwood sent me the pictures today. We organised a small Istanbul Head-Case meeting with Tyler Abi. at his house. It was increadibly fun. Here are pictures: The case filled with my digital section (MHDT Lab Atlantis, Gustard U12) and some interconnects. And HD 800 S... And Whole table: Me (sorry for the stupid poses, I cannot do otherwise) and Tyler Abi: Thank you Tyler Abi again and again for your hospitality. I had a great time. And ofc, @dsavitsk, The L-2 amplifier sounds great sir.
  11. Thank you sir for heads up! I know both director and the star(!) But I haven't heard about the documentary till I saw your post. I'm going to find a place that shows it and watch it ASAP! Thank you again for a great gift!
  12. Happy Birthday Sir!
  13. After looong time I cooked very delicious thing today: THE ONE POUND BURGER! I made burger myself from entrecote It was 600 grams of meat before cooking, I added just black pepper and salt to the grinded entrecote. Shaped it and let it rest for 1 hour in the fridge. I used market bread since I don't have any owen. It does not good look but It was extremely delicious!
  14. Happy Birthday Sir!