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    Electrostatic Headphones, Reading, Philosophy (Etique and Science especially) Everything that works
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  1. The Knuckledragger 3rd Memorial Slow Forum Post

    Really cruel but funny at the same time
  2. Happy Birthday Thrice!

    Happy Birthday!
  3. Happy Birthday Grahame

    Happy Birthday my good sir!
  4. Kitty Talk

    Mother and Son watching wild life, learning "how to" Happy New year fellow head-casers!
  5. Happy Birthday Ken (guzziguy)!

    Happy Birthday Ken! For I cannot give you physichal presents and as I named Cat herder, here is your gift: Duman; a cat who loves car trips.
  6. Not Tuned, Characterless, Boring To listen Speaker System

    I totally understand you Antonio. You want me to step/think accurately. We used 3 speakers: Twenty.23 Twenty.24 and Ib1s. And 3 different DACs with computer (using foobar 2k with ripped waw files from cds' which we also tested from CD player) and roksan CD player benchmark dac2 L, spl director, and antelope zodiac premium. And one roksan integrated amplifier. Benchmark made the all combinations sound similar on bass and treble regions. Slightly rolled off sub basses and tad bit digital upper regions. From CD player or computer. We used spl director as dac. It has less dominant character, bass regions from different speakers are differed with it. It seemed it has less detail And seperation after benchmark but as i heard it's due to more body it can deliver. Also it sounded more analogue. Zodiac was the best, at least from computer Via USB. Speakers' soundstage differances And bass performances (abilty to go deep And being dynamic wise differed most with it. I liked zodiac as DAC And Ib1s most, but they are out of my budget. And the performance difference between 23 and 24 was so little, so spending 1k more on 24 is, imho, pointless to me. And director can be used as preamp. So for price/performance wise 23 + director sounded best as I heard. But I decided, before I decide, I want to change my house, move to a apartment with min. 30m2 room and want to listen quads with class a powers such as krell ksa, bryston or some pass amplifiers. I mostly rush things and act/decide without proper thinking. But I want to be patient now. I might be misjudged quads.
  7. Not Tuned, Characterless, Boring To listen Speaker System

    I've listened pmc twenty.23... I still wonder how dynamic and punchy a speaker w/o woofer and so small. However I didn't like benchmark 2 L. It has a character. And I spotted a jewel at a hifi Store: ess heil motion 12. Newest ones... I'm going to listen them at tuesday with different atlas cables. Anyone has heard them before? Anyway... Wish ne luck.
  8. I'm looking for advices of you again. I'm looking for stereo system components which reveals cables, records, even stands which they stands on. I want to call what I want characterless or boring to listen. I want this system for A/B testing. And of course I'm on a budget like 6000 Dollars. I'm going to look for second hand components. and XLR is must. The brands I've heard from people are; PMC (I'm going to listen some of them in saturday) and ATC for speakers, Bryston for amplifier, and I'm looking for a studio dac (I think mytek has best price/performance ratio) Do you have any ideas about any other brands? Any cheaper alternative to Bryston especially? I hope I can deliver my thoughts properly. Thanks for advices guys.
  9. The Knuckledragger 3rd Memorial Slow Forum Post

    O love this episode. But mu favourite scene is:
  10. And now what did you do TODAY?

    Well... It happened yesterday but, still kind of big news. As it turns out I also have ADHD. I started to use ritalin. Well it is the easiest disorder to cope with which I have. But drugs are getting more complex and riskier. But I'm not down. Now I can see clearly and I have a new challange.
  11. KGSSHV Carbon Build Thread

    As I understand he meant the price difference between L700 and 007mk2
  12. Happy Birthday skullguise!

    Happy Birthday Todd!!! Here, A Cat petting his hooman:
  13. Happy Birthday bosebuttons!

    Happy Birthday!
  14. Kitty Talk

    Folks, look who my father found at the yard: I'm going to meet him soon.
  15. And now what did you do TODAY?

    Do you want anything from Turkey what i should bring when i visit you?