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  1. I guess I already told you about Duman. Our kitty. He is 2,5 months old now. Healthy and energetic as hell. Here are some pictures of him: 2 days old: 1 month old: 2,5 months old now: And the whole family (Yumak, Şirin and Duman): And about the project we started about street cats... It's getting bigger now.
  2. Thank you guys for the good wishes. I have to say I really missed being here. But kinda I went into melancholia. I was doing nothing but watching films and reading books after work. Anyway I'm quite good (actually better than before but not like mania :)) for a while but since I became inactive without saying anything I felt guilty about it, and I'm still a bit shameful about it. Thanks again guys, seeing this topic and reading these posts make my day. I won't vanish again, I promise.
  3. Happy Birthday!
  4. Well... I voted today. And the thing is passed most probably. (98 percentile of votes are counted, "yes" has 51,54%, "no" has 48,46%.) He will declare himself as sultan by the end of this year. Anyone perhaps want to adopt me?
  5. After playing the games, now it's the time reading them...
  6. Happy Birthday!
  7. Happy Birthday Tyler Abi! I'm trying to bring you a late birthday present for next week
  8. Happy birthday Doug!
  9. Happy Birthday Sir!
  10. You are always welcome here Doug! Btw I'm a grandfather now!!!!! He (as I see) is really healthy, his mom and dad loves him. We love Him too.
  11. I sold my MHDT Lab Atlantis, all tubes and Gustard U12 and bought Violectric V800. The money I got from trade went to the 007 funds
  12. Happy Birthday Sir! Have a nice one!
  13. Happy Birthday Sir!
  14. Happy Birthday Colin!