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  1. I think I will need also some time to evaluate it before thinking about any mods. Should be fun to compare to the Lambdas. I will order mine today should be here in two weeks. What amp are you using with the 007?
  2. Thank you for the reassurance. I think I have come to the same conclusion. Are you happy with the SZ3 that you boiught and have you done any mods to it?
  3. No, I am in Vancouver, Canada. The price here with the discount converts to about $2,000 US. I am not sure how that compares to current pricing in the US, probably not favourably as the CAD$ is pretty bad at the moment.
  4. Thank you for your reply. I guess regarding the sound quality of the different 007 versions it will lastly depend on personal opinion and take some time to figure out how the really work out for me. I think I will make the purchase of the new mk2 as it might be difficult to find a mk1 used in great condition anyway and there is always some risk involved in buying used. I also like the idea of supporting the local dealer. Which model are you currently using? Good point regarding the port mod. I guess I am looking for an excuse to play around with the 3D printer :).
  5. I am new to this site and I have been reading this thread on and off. I have been using a Lambda Pro and SRM 1 Mk2 since I bought the set in 1986 and I started using the setup more and more again in recent years after a longer hiatus. However, the Lambda Pro was always on the bright side for my taste and I currently use DSP EQ to bring the treble down slightly and the bass up a little. I decided to upgrade a while ago and have been researching for about a year on how to go about it. Last April I went to CanJam LA and listened to the 009 and BHSE combo for about an hour. The conditions
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