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  1. Actually I think hes from that new Goth group " Clearasil for Clarabelle "
  2. I was thinking .... throw some Mongolian Goat leather on the pads, include a case and a Neutrik cable.
  3. Hmmm, sounds interestimg. I can honestly say I havent heard of that cable. Have you heard them with this config?
  4. Fitz, granted those sextets rock .... but the 701 ? ,come now..... ;) From a man with a collection of 40 or so AKG wonders I would expect no less
  5. julie ... look no further than the awe inspiring inspirational design of the GS-1000
  6. Well .... so much for the whole love, age of aquarius ,good vibe thing. That idea sure got shot to shit. LOL I am however glad to see a few people appreciate one of the most fantabulous hps of all time. Notice I said "one of " Cheers all.
  7. Lets face it people, not only does Grado rule, but the GS-1000 stomps every other hp out there. :kitty:
  8. Impossible .... everyone likes Grado.
  9. PFK, You really should have spent more time with those GSks. They really are the second coming. Pushing my luck here arent I ? LOL
  10. WOW.... lots of love here .... good vibes. Hi everyone !!
  11. Hi PFK, Nothing really special GS1k or RS-2 from RA-1, computer as source mostly. Guess Im one of those guys that beleives in hps first as the most important part of the chain.
  12. Hi everyone, I just came across this sub-culture, dark side of Head-Fi site. Great to be here. Im a firm beleiver in the Godly qualities of the GS1k. However I do feel that the whole Ultrasone thing is just slightly wacked. Flame away
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