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  1. I was thinking he just might have been onto something with measurements of amb's stuff, until I saw those quotes "taken out of context" :facepalm: If you want people to take your arguments seriously, you're seriously going to have to cut back on calling people stupid and/or incompetent. The facts will speak for themselves.
  2. Fungi

    slow forum

    Digging up a somewhat old post, but polar bears actually do this to distribute their weight across a larger area in order to avoid breaking through ice. Sorry if you already knew
  3. What DAC module did you guys hear the Sparrow with?
  4. I've always wanted a neon green K701!
  5. He said "punch" but mentioned guitars, so although his wording is weird he probably wants some form of mids. Check out the Shure closed headphones or something; there really isn't much to look at besides those and AKGs
  6. Fungi

    Audeze LCD-2

    Wow. Talk about contradicting yourself.
  7. For the same price though, I would get a 450W-ish Antec/Seasonic/Corsair over a 750W Thermaltake.
  8. Fungi

    slow forum

    Looks like a Touhou character to me.
  9. Fungi

    slow forum

    That is too amazing.
  10. Alternative to WD EARS if the "slowness" scares you is Samsung Spinpoint F3; using their 502HJ as the system drive and it's quiet, cool, and doesn't vibrate.
  11. ESW9 and ESW10 give you puppy dog eyes. Let them join? (y/n)
  12. Nike's Free series of shoes is of a similar concept, and looks like normal shoes except for a sliced up looking sole. Dunno if they're good though. Reviews of the original line were bad but the revisions seem to be doing fairly well.
  13. Fungi

    slow forum

    What was Sarah Silverman talking about there anyway?
  14. You don't like metal? GTFO Just kidding, excellent post (yes, I did read it). Definitely lol'd at that last line.
  15. Four Tet's new album is quite fantastic. Can't stop listening to it.
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