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  1. ^ How so? Both NwAvGuy and now ASR have exposed for example several Schiit models to be very poor. Now Schiit has started to improve their products and they also add measurement data for their products. This lack of detailed product information is and has been a clear handicap of the hifi industry definetly NOT in favor of the consumer. I really can’t see any arguments against this positive change.
  2. Thanks for the couple of PMs from kind members offering help in amp building. Very much appreciated! I have also found one potential friend of a friend, who has good experience in electronics building, so I might also go with the DIY path together with his help. - - - I also don't want to turn this into an objectivist vs subjectivist debate. One thought that came to my mind was the case with NwAvGuy around early 2010, which many of you probably know... this guy who just started to measure DACs and headphone amps and exposed many of them to be crap. Then he designed his own O2 amp and later also DAC, which were cheap and measured, and sounded, great. Then he disappeared. I really enjoyed reading his looong blog posts and the way he challenged the hifi/audiophile industry and communities with hard data compared to subjective and biased (unintentionally) opinions of random people. I was sad to see him disappear and later very happy to see AudioScienceReview continue where he left off. Now that I have just entered the wonderful world of electrostats... and started to sell my traditional headphones ?... the case of NwAvGuy came back to me and a comparison to this forum -> you guys have designed and build amps, that clearly challenge the incumbent market and my tip of the hat to you sirs! I do still wish, that somebody would also measure electrostatic amps. I have searched and asked for these, but I haven't found any. I asked Amirm/ASR about this and he said that there are risks of damage to the measurement gear with electrostatic amps and probably that explains their scarcity.
  3. ^ No no, I am not refering to Head-FI but AudioScienceReview's measurements, for example the JDS Atom: https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/review-and-measurements-of-new-jds-labs-atom-headphone-amp.5262/ Personally I belong to the ASR 'objectivist camp' and don't buy into the subjective audiophile crap, that granted, does exist in Head-FI ?
  4. As I said, I don't know. I am under the impression that there has been significant performance leaps in the world of normal headphone amps in the past years, like for example the new THX models, JDS Labs Atom etc. If the same hasn't happened in the world of electrostats and the older designs are still excellent, that's great!
  5. Yes, but 20 years... makes at least me wonder a bit. Then again maybe the world of electrostat amps is different and timeless? I don’t know, I am too new to this ?
  6. I have. His KSGG Klassik is an option I am considering. As you said, it’s not cheap and if I have understood correctly, it’s quite an old design.
  7. Apologies if this thread already exists. I wonder if there are any experienced builders here, who would like to build an amp for me - for a good fee of course? I live in Finland, so EU location would be prefered. I am thinking about the current feedback amp, because I need to keep the physical size of the amp smallish.
  8. Thanks! I would use this together with ADI-2 DAC which has quite configurable line out volume options, so I guess I could easily live without a volume knob as well. Now I will look if there is a thread about voluntary builders, for a fee of course. I also sent out a question to my facebook network if there are any electronics builders out there. I decided that optimally I would like to build one myself with somebody who knows what he is doing. Starting with this, completely solo, is probably not a good idea. ?
  9. Stax DIY newbie here. Great looking amp @mwl168 A couple of questions if I may: 1. This is probably a stupid question, but how do you adjust the volume on this amp? ? 2. What are the width and depth of this chassis? Is the front plate available also in black? 3. Roughly how much did this cost?
  10. Thanks again for these comments. Pursuing the DIY path would allow me to build the amp into a case of my liking, if there are small enough circuit boards available??
  11. ^ I didn't know about these measurements when I bought the L300 Limited. In fact, I thought they sounded fantastic without any EQ. ? Once I saw that ASR thread and applied the EQ corrections, I was more or less blown away, that how could I have liked the sound so much. The EQ reveals a 'hollowness' in the stock L300 Limited sound which is quite apparent in some songs, but not in all. Btw, I have mild tinnitus in one ear and some drops in hearing around 6KHz. Hearing problems is another great reason to apply EQ, but I haven't ventured in to that area yet myself. Regarding building the amp myself, Audiophonics seems to sell also DIY components. Any experiences with them around DIY projects? I have bought some devices from them without any problems.
  12. ^^ To modify the response of the headset. In my opinion most of the headphones benefit hugely from EQ. For example the L300 Limited has a nasty +7dB bump at 1300Hz which needs to be corrected. Now when I toggle EQ on/off the sound difference is like night and day in benefit of the EQ. https://www.dropbox.com/s/sknm9lejxobvo17/Stax SR-L300 LTD.pdf?dl=0
  13. Yes, same here. I love the ADI-2 DAC at home and in the office I now have to play with software equalisers, which do work, but I just prefer the DSP option in the DAC. Has the Stax 007A been measured and did you apply the EQ based on those measurements, or did you apply the EQ just be ear? Thanks for the encouraging words about building an amp myself! If I were to proceed with this, is there a separate post/thread which has all the necessary information I would need? The starting point for me would probably be a small enough circuit board - what models are the smallest?
  14. Aah... I am tempted! I love DIY and I have even forged a couple of knives. I have a master of science degree in computer science and I hate to confess that electricity was the area in physics I always hated the most. Now I would have motivation though... I am tempted!! ?
  15. Alas, I don't have the DIY skills to build any amps. I wish I did! ? The bass was also a bit weak in the L300 Limited, but EQ fixed that pretty nicely. Here's a good ASR thread about L300 Limited measurements and EQ'ing them. I am under the impression that the 007 and 009 require more power, but these lambdas are much much easier to drive. I just wish there were proper Stax amp measurements like there are with normal headphones. Maybe somebody here has the knowledge to explain why Stax/electrostat amps are harder to measure?
  16. Hi all, a new user here. I got my first Stax set about a month ago and I have been really enjoying my L300 Limited + 252S combo. After getting these, all other headphones just don't sound right anymore. I guess this is the downsize of owning Stax? ? If I may, a couple of questions: - I haven't seen any amp measurements yet - are there any? It seems it's much trickier to measure Stax amps compared to normal headphone amps, but one would think it's still doable? - When reading for example this thread, there is suprisingly little discussion about applying EQ to Stax headphones. I applied EQ to my L300 Limited based on oratory1990 measurements and the result is phenomenal compared to no EQ. Is this the case or are you all using EQ with your Stax? - I audiotioned both the 252S and 353XBK amps and decided to buy the 252S since I heard no difference between them. Now after owning it for a while, I might have second thoughts... it looks and feels a bit whimsy. I would like to have a neutral sounding + measuring solid state amp, which would have to be smallish, since I use it on a desktop setup. Ideally it would be 21cm (or more) wide and not very deep like all the Stax amps, so that it would stack nicely with my RME ADI-2 DAC. And it should be black. ? Are there any other choices than the KGSS Klassik? (thanks spritzer for asnwering my email questions!) Thanks for all the help in advance!
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