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  1. It's the thickness of the board not the thickness of the trace which is 3oz copper. There shouldn't be an issue with handling mechanical stress in this application as the PS board. I am not in the habit of bending my PC boards to see how they flex. It's not an issue as far as I am concern.
  2. Can I add four more bare GRHV boards, two more GRLV 78xx, two more GRLV 79xx, and two more main boards? Thank You
  3. I'll take four bare and four partially built please.
  4. Can I be added to the group buy for 8 * GRHVxxx 4 * ´╗┐GRLV78xx 4 * GRLV79xx 4 * main ´╗┐board 2 * Mini T2 board
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