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  1. Thanks. That's the plan.
  2. Thanks, mwl168. I just hate auto correct. Yeah, no need to appear. But I appreciate your comment(s).
  3. I am trying a mod layout of my KGST build. Any comments or suggestions would be appeared. I am using two stereo stepped attenuator for the balanced input.
  4. Thanks for the advice. I will try linking my photos to a photo site to see how it would work.
  5. Can anyone tell me how I can delete the photos in my media storage on this forum. It seems that I only have 500mb of storage, and my previous photos has taken up most of the space. How can I delete my previous photos to make space for new photos I want to post.
  6. Thank you, UFN and mwl168.
  7. Need some advice on mounting the 8N80C onto the heatsink. The version of 8N80C I've got has a plastic tab at the back, unlike the usual TO-220 package with a metal tab. I wonder whether I still need to use a plastic washer on the tab before I put the screw through. The problem is the hole on the tab is too small for the regular TO-220 plastic washer and I dont want to enlarge the hole with a drill bit. Please advice.
  8. Thank you, HemiSam. Sometimes simple is good too. Looking forward to it.
  9. just received most of the components and parts for this build....will be busy for the next few weeks. Probably will have lots of questions when I do testing.
  10. Hi Arno, I found this PSU schematics and I think this is very close to the one that is on the board, except for some values in the components.
  11. Hi Kevin, Is the PSU schematics stored somewhere that I can go search? Thanks.
  12. Thanks. Hope others can provide a pointer.
  13. Thank you for the amp schematic. Do you know where I can get the PSU schematics. I have looked thought the dropbox and Google Drive posted by KG but does not seem to be able to locate the PSU. I thought there are others who have build non pro version. BTW, your info addendum is very useful, thank you for that.
  14. Hi, I am a newbie to this forum and I am late to the party. I only find out this forum and thread recently. I have a Stax Lambda (non pro version) for many years and have been using a SRD-7 to listen to music. But I have always wanted a direct drive amplifier for this headphone. So when I found this forum and the KGST thread, I was thrilled and decided to join the party even its late. I have contacted Birgir recently and bough a set of boards from him. I know I will need help for this community to put this amp together and I am reaching out to the members (especially the experienced and
  15. Does anyone has any experience in upgrading the trafos on the SRD 7 and what were the results. Interested to hear any experience out there.
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