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  1. Does it mean that if I would raise loudness level so much so that amplitude of output current would be more than 3A(or 6A in balanced configuration - with 2 boards per channel), then It would work in AB? Ok, It means that I do'nt need to buy x*3 number of transistors. Thanks 🙂
  2. Thank you very much! About the bass filter - I think I'll add it to the feedback, just need to calculate conditions of stability properly. Just a two questions(sorry if they are stupid): 1. How much transistors I need to purchase ?) I mean if they should be matched with each other ? For example: I need to get 4*9 2SA1943 (for balanced configuration). But how should I match them for such a parallel connection? And how much should I buy them ? Asking just because they are not cheap 🙂 and as a fan of tubes I have no experience with matching transistors. 2. The uberamp
  3. Hello! I am going to try to build the Uber amplifier for Raal Sr1a. But Kevin said that What should be changed in the scheme to drive 0.2 ohm load better? Is it the last version ? Thanks in advance. uberamp2.pdf
  4. Hi all. Maybe a stupid question, sorry, but what about using Maida 21ct voltage regulators for the power supply ? It look like it have a nice PSRR, noise (20uV at 400v) and impedance. It could be confugured for voltages up to 525v and it could be used for negative voltages too (with a separate wind). What are the disadvantages of this regulator in comparison with original from Kevin ? I am asking, because I already have 6 boards 🙂 Thanks in advance !
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