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  1. Haha. 009's treble harshness has been addressed by Kevin Gilmore and Birgir and they have designed a whole new amplifier to solve this problem. That's KGSSHV Carbon. If you want to deny that, go on. If you want evidence, just check 009's frequency response. Anything besides measurements are "generalized statements" and opinions. This whole thread is 545 pages of opinions and generalized statements. Mine was no different.
  2. all 009's are treble happy headphones. 009 is overwhelmingly treble happy, 009S has slightly better control in treble range. I don't know about 009BK. Just buy ES1A. It's better in every way.(only except imaging and that's just a slight difference).
  3. What is the current output going to be for this amp?
  4. How's the resolution with ES-1A compared to 009/S or well driven 007?
  5. You should read head-case Stax thread from start until the end. You can find answers to every question you have there. Bonus:
  6. In this forum people do not care about giving recommendations to new people. Just saying. Head-fi is the place to get recommendations, share your impressions etc. If you want to know more about Hifiman, here you go:
  7. Susvara is slightly behind of Stax Lambda Signature in terms of detail & resolution. That means, 007 is clearly more resolving than Susvara. 009 is significantly better resolving than Susvaras. I haven't listened to any of those Shangri La models. I don't know how to compare subjective mumbo jumbo like liveliness, musicality etc. That's something for you to decide after hearing both. That said, anyone who says Susvaras are better at imaging than 007 shouldn't be taken too seriously.
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