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  1. C2M1000170D would be available end of April at Farnell and mid of June at Mouser. I have backordered already a pile. Here to check availability across all distributors. Would be nice to have a BOM next to each of the PSUs James has put together above. I will send some shortly.
  2. Any non-obsolete replacement for the 3N254? Thanks! Adding to the above BOM: Here the Mouser basket as well (which is missing the obsolete 3N254 bridge rectifier): https://www.mouser.com/ProjectManager/ProjectDetail.aspx?AccessID=9472151902 I would also exchange the 220uF/500V cap with a Nichicon LGN2H221MELB45 as it is rated up to 105°C and even cheaper.
  3. Which PSU is this exactly? Can link to any schematics with details? Thanks
  4. Any update on the CFA3 amp anyone?
  5. The C2M1000170D will be available soon here https://at.rs-online.com/web/p/mosfet/1456660//?cm_mmc=aff2-_-at-_-octopart-_-Outofstock1456660 and here https://www.newark.com/wolfspeed/c2m1000170d/power-mosfet-n-channel-4-9-a-1/dp/12X8366?CMP=AFC-OP
  6. So, what's up with this dedicated GRHV thread? No one building yet a GRHV 🙂
  7. Guys, any leftover boards available? Would be interested in 2 sets of PS boards and 1 mini T2: 4 grhv, 2 grlv78xx, 2 grlv79xx, 2 main board, 1 mini t2 please
  8. Yo guys, anyone having 2 Carbon amp and a GRHV (best would be split fats boards or evtl. the split skinny) boards, please let me know. Cheers
  9. Hey Kevin, is there a new continuation thread to this somewhere, or did you just stopped this project? Hope you are well.
  10. Guys, anyone have some 5-pin jacks for sale? Highly appreciated.
  11. Yes, I was referring to LSK389 TO-71 markings on the case, someone was selling on ebay, some 5 pcs or so. They were pictured well and there was no letter at all after the LSK389. Might have been fakes... price was though pretty original-like.
  12. James, JoeMat, thank you very much. I will be building the original T2 in the black Dr. Gilmore case with the RK50. A valuable forum member was kind enough to provide the bulk of the transistors, some are coming from BDent. Ordered everything else from mouser, custom transformers from mueller-rondo. Some parts already showed up. Will be posting in the T2 thread how everything goes.
  13. Thanks, James. Found here Takman Rey singles, not cheap but they have all of them.
  14. Anyone has used other .5 watt resistors instead of Xicon 273 or know which Vishay series is a direct replacement for Xicon 273? Pretty much sourced all the transistors, except for the 8x 2sk216
  15. Hi there, I know the difference between the A..D versions of the LSK 389 but how does the LSK389 without a letter differ to the versions with a letter? Thanks for any insights!
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