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  1. Oh man, really want to stop that. You think insulting people directly (and several times) is the way to go?
  2. @n_maher @skullguise Admins, could you please take care about this.
  3. So far, I have not seen any "actual" explanation, did you?
  4. Yes man, he is on the surface walking. I was looking for an explanation why the skies are dark black without a single star. Pitch black sky... don't you make this thinking? On the moon without atmosphere, there should be millions of them. So funny this shot.
  5. Yeah man, nothing more you can say. Just waste of time.
  6. Just wondering why not a single star is visible on any of the moon shot pics? Anyone care to explain how that is possible?
  7. Err, no argument. But that's ok. Enjoy your coffees guys, nice setups here.
  8. And you believe in Santa Clause? Moon Landing? Read up, even the pics were faked. Escaping the Van Allen radiation belt around earth? LoL
  9. And it is not only cars, it is power tools (compare Festool), kitchen appliances (compare Miele), whatever...
  10. Yeah, and the lastest Jeep is a complete ripp off the X5... American cars are so bad, that it is difficult for you to realise how bad they are. Only a single US car to win Le Mans ever, not a single US car in Formula One to data. Period. And there is a reason for that.
  11. You are actually right, but that was not really the point. Edit: The EB110 of the nineties was build in north Italy, not far away from where Lamborghini, Ferrari and Maserati are made.
  12. Highest performance stuff, regardless of what it is *must* me maintained all the time and is expensive to do so. Or have you seen a Formula One car running for years like a Toyota? They change motors each race..
  13. Italian cars? Like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani, Bugatti... do I need to list more 😉
  14. Looking through my stock I only have BC546C, shouldn't be a problem using them with BC556B, or am I better waiting for the BC546B to arrive? Using in the lates CFP3 boards.
  15. If you want real espresso https://rocket-espresso.com/epica.html
  16. This 10000uF 63V electrolytic will be pretty overkill but just fits into the GRLV.
  17. For the 4.7uF cap, would you use the WIMA 4.7uF/63V or the Murata MLCC 4.7uF/50V?
  18. What are the specs for the 600pF caps, ceramic for how many volts? And as they are optional, should one start with or without them?
  19. Moving forward with the CFAE, drilled the bottom and completely mounted the toroid and GRHV. The C2M1000170D's are still missing. Probably I should replace them with the C3M0350120D. New front and back panels next.
  20. I would put a higher load if you want to load test it. Like at least 0.5A or even 1A. Here you can build a simple and flexible load tester.
  21. Thanks, Kevin! So, it should not be moved off that Avid heatsink? I thought about mounting it downward facing and sticking it to the main amp's heatsink, same as the other sands (I would not be using brackets but mounting them directly on the heatsinks on the amp sides).
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