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  1. When you don't have a good product and apparently can't build one, marketing gimmicks are the way to go.
  2. Very happy with my Denafrips Venus II.
  3. Thanks everyone! My family has been in town this week so that's been nice. Had a cookout over at my mom's place + cake, not a bad way to spend the day.
  4. If the rest of those shows cost $200M and flop like Jupiter did that universe will be DOA.
  5. tkam


    Indeed they do: https://dekoniaudio.com/filter/?product_cat=clear&product_cat=clear
  6. tkam


    Very different sounding headphones. The Clear are punchy and more balanced. The HD8XX appears to be an even brighter version of the HD800S, so big soundstage and too much treble.
  7. tkam


    Yes you do.
  8. tkam


    Yeah I think headphones.com was able to do a special deal w/ Focal where they had one final run of the original Clears and they bought the whole run. Definitely a great price, easily the best phones you can get at that $1k price.
  9. Actually, it's likely an issue of power consumption. Wifi uses significantly more power more than Bluetooth.
  10. Happy Birthday Chris!
  11. tkam

    RIP Sennheiser?

    For a 'flagship' IEM $1300 is damn near a bargain these days. It's absolutely nuts.
  12. tkam

    RIP Sennheiser?

    There's an announcement thread on HF, someone specifially asked about the US retail price and the Senn rep said:
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