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    and then bam, here comes a bunny with a pancake on it's head
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  1. tkam


    Yes I'm paying for YouTube TV
  2. tkam


    Still working for me, watching an episode right now.
  3. tkam


    No issues playing on the YouTube TV app here and I am 100% not an HBO subscriber.
  4. tkam


    YouTube TV shows them as being freely available till the 26th.
  5. Happy Birthday!
  6. Money Heist - amazing show
  7. tkam

    Speaker Porn

    The speakers are pretty small
  8. tkam

    Speaker Porn

    It's official the R5's are cat approved
  9. FYI the search re-indexing is about halfway done now. Edit: Re-index is now complete.
  10. Thanks, I'd been really behind on upkeep of things around here so it was good to get caught up.
  11. Doing some work on the site today so there will be periods where it's down. Edit: Server move and forum software update have been completed now. The search index has to re-index so it'll be a few hours before that's working normally again.
  12. You have likely noticed that the email notifications have been broken for quite some time, they are now fixed and working again.
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