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  1. Honestly I can't think of any good reason to have an on-prem PBX - just go with Ring Central or something similar. Yes long-term costs might be higher but not having to manage that shit on your own is worth it.
  2. Mr Speakers Aeon

    I have to say the Aeons have been a pleasant surprise for me. Excellent closed phones and easily near the top of the heap in the under $1k market.
  3. Tapatalk pro ...blem

    Tapatalk has been updated again after the forum software update I did last night. Should be working again, but apparently Tapatalk has lots of ads now. I can get rid of the ads by paying them a monthly fee, probably going to just remove Tapatalk altogether in the near future. The mobile theme(s) are much better than they used to be, makes Tapatalk a bit redundant.
  4. August 3rd Update

    Yes new update and yes Tapatalk is becoming super spammy, I can pay them to get rid of those ads but may just remove support for it. Not really worth it anymore with the mobile theme(s) being decent enough. Also switched to a new dark theme option called 'Deflection' it's a little cleaner looking I think.
  5. And now what did you do TODAY?

    New laminate flooring installed at the entrance(s) from the front door and garage as well as the upstairs hallway.
  6. Happy Birthday Brent!

    Happy Birthday Brent!
  7. HC NBA Ballers

    LeBron is quietly doing a nice job of making an argument for overtaking Jordan as the GOAT....
  8. Watches

    Bought one of these recently: Christopher Ward C65 Trident Vintage Edition
  9. Hockey Thread - 2016/2017 Season

    Shocking, Pens beat the Caps in a game 7
  10. Hockey Thread - 2016/2017 Season

    Go PENS!!!
  11. Happy Birthday Ryan!

    Happy B-Day
  12. As the forum software is removing support for their built-in hosted chat feature a new Slack channel has been setup. You can get to it via the 'Slack' menu option or this link: https://head-case.slack.com . To get an invite please PM myself or grawk with the e-mail address you want the invite sent to.. Thanks -Todd
  13. And now what did you do TODAY?

    Finally got around to filing my taxes. Joy.
  14. The Expanse

    Season 1 is a bit slow, but I still found it enjoyable and season 2 has been amazing so far. Scifi channel officially picked it up for a 3rd season today.
  15. Happy Birthday Nate!

    Happy Birthday Nate!!!