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  1. Happy B-Day
  2. As the forum software is removing support for their built-in hosted chat feature a new Slack channel has been setup. You can get to it via the 'Slack' menu option or this link: . To get an invite please PM myself or grawk with the e-mail address you want the invite sent to.. Thanks -Todd
  3. Finally got around to filing my taxes. Joy.
  4. Season 1 is a bit slow, but I still found it enjoyable and season 2 has been amazing so far. Scifi channel officially picked it up for a 3rd season today.
  5. Happy Birthday Nate!!!
  6. Happy Birthday Dan
  7. Anyone else watching The Expanse? I binged season 1 in about 3 days and season 2 is off to a fantastic start. Possibly the best sci-fi show since BSG...
  8. Happy B-Day!!
  9. We got about 4" from last night through this morning. Going to be back up to 50 on Saturday so I'm going to skip doing any shoveling.
  10. Locking this thread, we're not currently seeking out donations. Also worth mentioning the the Amazon affiliate link is no longer valid, closed that out a few years ago now.
  11. RIP Richard Hatch
  12. There's no ban on your user no idea why you are seeing that.
  13. Is there a preferred airport to fly into as far as proximity to the hotel goes?
  14. That sounds like an excellent prognosis, here's to hoping for a speedy and relatively pain free recovery!