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  1. And I honestly hope he gets a buyer that's willing to accept the modifications; other than our misunderstanding during the initial purchase, the guy has been ace throughout the whole thing. It only took him half a day to get back to me and he refunded immediately and without debate ... a far, far better resolution than I was bracing for. Now my issue is that I've totally fallen for the electrostatic tube sound (really, the amp sounds damn sweet and for all I know other Stax tube amps blow it away but it's significantly more enjoyable of a listen than my previous solid state 323S). I actually ... just momentarily ... thought about keeping the "Monstrosity" ... quirks and all ... as it's so enjoyable to my ear and with my SR-404LE's... but knowing my penchant for upgraditus, I just didn't relish the idea of trying to sell the thing should the desire take me. So as a noob to the Stax "tube sound" ... and since I cannot afford any of the high end aftermarket amps ... does anyone have comments on some of the newer Stax tube amp variants? The SRM-007tii for instance? Is it considered markedly inferior to the earlier, SRM-007t? Are either of those sonically that much different than the 600LE? I was toying with the idea of going back to dynamic but having heard that tube amp, just about all of my minor quibbles with my 404LE's were dealt with ... So ... not all together a bad experience ...
  2. Thanks again for the assist ... The good news is that I won't have to bother with reversing the modifications as I've spoken with the seller finally and he's already refunded the money; I'm putting the amp in the mail tomorrow to be returned to him. I'm so relieved. FWIW ... I found this 600LE amplifier (whacked out mods and all) to be far better sounding (for my tastes) than was my recently sold 323S and specifically with my 404LE's ... better bass, super sweet highs and overall just a more lively, and engaging listen; it's certainly a far different sound than was the 323S, which I didn't dislike but which, in retrospect, seemed a bit thin/cold compared to the 600LE. So if anything, I'm happy to have heard a tube based electrostatic amplifier as it's given me some more food for thought regarding my passing, recent desire to go back to a dynamic set up. I might look for another (stock!) 600LE in the near future or perhaps one of the other Stax tube amps.
  3. Thanks ... that's a relief. I still haven't heard back from the guy and I've a developing suspicion that I won't. When I made the purchase, I used PayPal (which is linked to my bank account) and I was curious as to why he was so adamant about "letting the funds clear" before shipping me the amp (I mean, once the PayPal payment is made, even if it pulls from your bank account, I'm pretty sure that's the same as guaranteeing the funds are in route). Anyway, bad vibe all the way around the more I gestate. And re: the work to make things right with the amp? I would never even *dream* of touching the mod reversal; I have zero skillz in that arena and wouldn't want to use this as a springboard. Can any of you recommend somebody in the USA that I could ship the amp to in order to have said work done? If I end up stuck with it, then this would be my preferred course. And if the dude refuses a deal reversal, I'll at least see if I can get him to cover shipping/parts/labor for said work if I'm able to find somebody stateside who can do it. Thanks again for the replies ...
  4. I recently bought a Stax SRM-600 Limited Edition amplifier from a guy at that other forum. It just came in today... His listing described the amplifier as a "like-new" SRM-600LE. He was asking $1350 for it. I'd always wanted to hear this amp and so I contacted the guy and bought it. I had recently sold my SRM-323S, as I'm considering going back to dynamic or higher up the electrostatic chain but thought, "what the fuck, man? I can try it for a month and then re sell it pretty easy on Audiogon or Ebay"). His ad mentioned NOTHING about modifications, BTW ... The amp came in today and when I saw a tube slightly at an angle, knowing my OCD would rape my brain until I straightened it, I opened the amp up to do just that and upon removing the lid, this is what I see: ... ... "Da fuck are the green things?" Was my first thought ... it certainly didn't look like the internal shots I was familiar with from various online research. Then I started digging around that other forum, searching like a fiend and found some really old posts in that other forum's Stax thread regarding this very same amp, namely, the fellow who I purchased from simply posting an image and saying he liked his new amp (he also quite plainly mentioned it had capacitor modifications). Then I immediately read some following comments, one among them being from Spritzer (who I don't know but definitely respect if only from osmosis and in regards to "things Stax") ... and suffice it to say, I didn't like what his comment revealed: that the person who did the mod probably had no clue what he/she was doing and that the work was ridiculous. Long story short ... I honestly don't feel confident re selling this amplifier as, unlike the guy I bought it from, I most certainly would not be okay with just selling it as an "like new" SRM-600LE ... with no mention of modifications that he most assuredly knew about ... And so I've quickly PM'd the fellow (who otherwise has been a very stand up guy and has decent trader rep) asking for a reversal of the transaction based on the fact that his description was obviously not accurate (and since he was obviously aware of the modifications, even misleading). Whether he will agree to that is anybodies guess. If he refuses to reverse our transaction, I don't think there is much I can do about it and will certainly be stuck with this "monstrosity" ... I think somebody used that term before to describe the mod work ... LOL ... So if stuck with it ... how difficult would it be for a skilled person to reverse that shit?
  5. Huge fan of the Waterboys since late 80's ... my personal fav has always been This is the Sea ... such a timeless bit of recording ... but Fisherman's is a close second. Haven't heard Modern Blues but will be checking it ...
  6. Akron Family and Angels of Light ... Really good... (but this one is much different than most of Gira's Angels of Light stuff ... in a really great way too) ...
  7. Def do the work to find, The Necks, "Unheard" ... it's totally worth the work. And thanks for that, above ... checking it out now ....
  8. The Necks - Piano Bass Drums ... ... There's only one track on this release ("Unheard") and it's about 53 minutes long. Highly recommended. Especially if you have high end Stax gear (which I don't, but I've got mid-end Stax gear and I can only imagine how good this atmospheric, moody bit might be with the higher end offerings). An Australian band ... have no idea where you might buy records/CD's ... hard to come by ... but there are files out there. They have quite a few releases out there but this is one of the best ...
  9. I Am Kloot - Sky at night .. ... (a really good artist to look in to for great studio production, sound qualities) (I am only the messenger). All of their records are recorded clean, quietly and so meticulously recorded ... Aside from being great song writers .. their production skills are remarkable. And it's really sort of fucking funny considering the whole "guardians of the galaxy" bit with, "I am groot!" .. .. but I assure you, there is no relation to that shit. ... ;-)
  10. Midlake - Antiphon ... ... Consummate musicians and writers. And all of their records have such fine production .. especially good bass tones.
  11. R.E.M. - Life's Rich Pageant (a brilliant record) ...
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