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  1. If anyone needs Carbon or Dynalo PCB's, I have a few left. All very high quality with 2oZ copper. Carbon in either SMD version being built by myself or standard TH version "kgsshvcarbon6ground2". Also SMD version Dynalo with GRLV and kits of PCB's with genuine matched MPSW56/06. I have enough from my own needs to put together a few kits. https://i.ibb.co/fQ6bxth/IMG-2854.jpg https://i.ibb.co/r3rdDBf/IMG-2855.jpg https://i.ibb.co/bRQXk9c/IMG-2856.jpg https://i.ibb.co/qjRfZWx/IMG-2857.jpg https://i.ibb.co/wMQTjRm/IMG-2859.jpg https://i.ibb.co/fYHX3Bg/IMG-2860.jpg https://i.ibb.co/mBQQQhx/IMG-2861.jpg https://i.ibb.co/py0v4CW/IMG-2862.jpg
  2. A look at Sebdti's finished Carbon boards - Seb wanted to mount these flat against the heatsink so the L-brackets in the pic are just to help position the transistors precisely and protect during transport. Here is one of my own Carbon boards set for horizontal mounting (Joachim, the DN2540's are mounted underneath the PCB ) Also the completed PSU. For anyone who is interested - I'm using the 1200V Wolfspeed SiC's - https://www.digikey.co.uk/products/en?keywords=1697-C3M0350120D-ND‎
  3. Here are the mostly finished Carbon boards for Sebdti and myself Plus a look at the all in one PSU and R-core by James Transformers. The R-core is one hefty beast. The 15V rails from the PSU are regulated with DEXA UWB discrete regs https://i.ibb.co/gvVjRFG/IMG-2832.jpg
  4. Making progress with the carbon build, I always enjoy SMD Here is how the SMD Carbon boards look loaded, still some parts to come and I was short on 2K trimmers on my order. Some components were mounted underside to make things easy.
  5. Thank you James, I see now they are designed to install onto the SMD balanced board next page. Very neat, I could try this for a soekris DAC output stage.
  6. Can't seem to find any info or examples of these in use, but someone here must have tried them. I have found that buffers on the output of a Muses electronic volume control works very well and had good results with Sjöström Audio diamond buffers but Kevin's little PCB's might be even more compact. Can anyone remember a thread or post where these were introduced? They are a very simple circuit and could possibly do with some extra PSRR with caps right on the power pins, they are so compact I have found a neat way to stack them, in the pics below is a quad channel balanced stack, all the PBCs are connected through the power pins, leaving the i/o's separate. Edit: Spritzer may have done the layout for these.
  7. A few people have asked for built and tested SMD carbon amp boards. I can do this. So I am offering a tiny group buy for the four remaining pairs of SMD boards in my possession. Maybe more can be made later. Out of the four pairs left, I think sebtdi and icarium and are interested so three pairs available unless someone just wants a blank pair of boards. It looks like the Mouser BOM alone will cost just over £100 plus taxes for one pair, this does not include 2 x LKS389 / MPSA65 and I will need to buy, drill and fit L-brackets. The board set and obsolete parts come to £50 before adding the Mouser BOM, add £10 for brackets and a little something for the work and we are around £200 for a pair of built and tested SMD Carbon boards. It's a pricey project. My BOM uses high end parts, for important projects I use 0.1% Susumu resistors, some cost can be shaved by using 1% MELFs etc. (I FORGOT TO INCLUDE CERAMIC INSULATORS - they will need to come from Digikey) The boards will have pluggable Molex MiniFit Jr connectors for signal which adds a few dollars but makes things very easy They have gold plating and are very good. I can supply pre-made crimped signal connectors using Mogami wire to custom length. To be clear - I am offering one pair of built and tested Carbon boards, the PSU is up to you. The Carbons will only be tested electrically to spec, I cannot audition all pairs it means connecting to heatsinks. If mine sounds ok then they will all work. This will take a few weeks. Parts are out of stock until next month. You will need to buy and build the PSU yourself, order the transformer now if you are keen, contact Spritzer for the 5 pin jacks (($41 shipped). KGSSHVCARBON_SMD_BOM.xls
  8. Thank you Joachim, it's great the forum is back up and we can meet on the spiritual home ground of the amplifier. Hell of a community this Mafia crew. You might see two of these Carbon's being made, another member expressed an interest in the SMD version PCB's so it would be great to have a companion on the journey. I have three pairs of SMD Carbon boards left and three HV PSU boards if anyone else is keen. Also picked up the newer version 6 Carbon PCBs with top ground plane and the Grounded Grid PCB's as deep down I have a softness for tubes. But that's a rabbit hole I need to stay away from
  9. Joachim never sleeps, if he isn't climbing the Keb, he's grinding out PCB's I have some Fjallraven Keb trousers, they are awesome. Just saying hello and announcing my up-coming Carbon build using Joachim's older compact SMD version of the Carbon layout. I might be the first to use these but Joachim gave his blessing so I'm sure everything will be fine. These left/right mirrored boards use the discrete servo by Kerry, seen prior to Kevin's offset opto circuit. Several reasons why I chose these older boards; they are beautifully compact allowing me to work inside a 200mm inside width case, I love SMD and the left / right layout is genius, this should be done more. The PSU is the kgsshvpssicfetsmall3.zip V1.4 all in one, single PCB. This will be a two box amp with an custom R-Core by James Transformers, same as Bigir uses in the CC edition. The R-Core is the size of a small car so will need a 80mm high case. No SiC Fets available until next month unfortunately but PCB parts are arriving soon and Bigir helped with the 5 pin pro jack. I have LSK389 on hand and MPSA65 from a guy on DIYA, everything will be to original spec. Big thanks to Joachim, Kerry and Kevin for all the work, advice and putting up with the questions. Keep it going Mafia.
  10. Hello people. This is a stunning little amp, amazing development by the team again. Kerry soldering looks good Can I ask if there is XMOS for the USB? Certainly if this was offered as DIY, the PCB's would need to have difficult IC's part populated by the board house.
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