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  1. In fact, there is no need to prove this. Stupid and bored things. Anyone is likely to design him own things. How can you prove this not my design?🤔
  2. NOOO i don't publish my schematic Just like you can't ask Stax to put D10's schematic. Put it to the open source forum☝️
  3. Very good. Dear Mr. Kevin Gilmore. This will prove. Our design is completely different. It only needs a rough comparison transistor and power supply to prove not the same design.👍👍👍
  4. If you want to buy my amp I suggest you better find a Chinese friend to help you buy
  5. In my country. A representing the formation is the push-pull design and D represents digital circuits such as op amp. In addition, I don't know how to mail my product to other countries. If you have a better way I am willing to provide my products after the Chinese New Year's Day I can determine that my product does not contain taxes and freights, stabilizing in $ 400👐 Ok, I will pay attention to this problem.
  6. My English level is limited, I don't understand what you mean, do you say not to change the price? Always keep the price of $ 400?
  7. Kevin Gilmore also said that Stax D10 is a D class amplifier, I design a Class A amplifier expects to have better sounds. I hope so that🤔
  8. This is the latest design might look similar to Stax-D10 but the fact is different.
  9. NOT decoding from power DAC to amplifier is completely my design😑 CN 中国
  10. Because in my Country there is no good business model only destroyed each other
  11. KUNG Who r u? Why copy my picture to this forum?
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