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  1. Something that erk'd me though was the trash talking about [email protected], so I had to say a bit on that for the record, which also covers why he's pushing JR gear. I live on Ebay and there's not alot of E-stat gear on there, well not for us Internationals, US is usually post to 48 states. When searching comes up with JR amps it's from Myheadfi listing, Vance is the owner and it's a one man band, I thought out of HK but I think could be China. He came across JR coz he likes headphones and was getting into E-stats, then started to sell them. MyHeadfi is a headphone shop that sells mostly secondhand and some new headphones/Iems/Dacs. I've bought the 3 amps through him and a week ago I dropped another $1k on him for iems even after reading the "issues" the other user has with him. I have atleast 50 emails between us over the last 2 years, and quite frankly is one of the most solid guys i've ever dealt with in the interwebs. When you go to his website, it displays prices based on your location..i.e AUS is AUD, US is USD, EU is EUR.....Vance is smarts And lastly, the iems I bought off him, I asked if he can check for imbalance before posting them, he sent me back a pic of the FR graph from a EARS rig....if he's such a scammer why is his customer service so damn good😝
  2. Howdy, so this is where I step in with some helpful facts surrounding why ppl are buying JR gear, what Myheadfi is about and what can be used as constructive criticism to better the children for the future. But first it's story time, once upon a time...... I started in headphones around 3 years, I had no stereo gear at all ever, PC sound out or car stereo, but always bought CD's to play. Bought a AKG 712 Pro, then MONOPRICE 1060's, SENN HD700 and so on. When I found out about E-stats I eventually ended up here to learn what it's all about. Prob read 1000 pages on all topologies, without knowing much background knowledge about SS or Tube amps, all Tube stage, 2 stage, 9 stage. I know nothing about PCB or electronics, surface mount, through hole, all sounds Greek to me. What I do know about though is cold bore center-mass [email protected] 1000yds and Benefication and Extraction of Earth's minerals. So when it came to getting into E-stats, what are the options..... And that's how I ended up with, Stax 353X, Stax-700T, JR Grounded Grid, JR KGHVSS Mini, JR Carbon, FLS Blue Hawaii...which all work, although QC is another story.
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