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  1. probably spent too much time with the solder pump trying to desolder it, currently looking at ways i could fix the traces
  2. i was usually soldering with 320 celcius. could that be too much?
  3. it isnt solder but rather parts of the rings around the legs that dissolved into each other, i have no idea how i managed to do it
  4. i tried, didnt work, its just a very thin and sticky layer of solder that wont go off
  5. Hey, i accidently created a solder bridge between the legs of the lower bc557b that i cant desolder no matter how hard i try. can the grhv function normally like that?
  6. is powering the grhv without a heatsink for the c2m1000170d and 10m90s OK if there is no load connected?
  7. that was super helpful, thanks. i bought some ksc5026m off aliexpress but i couldnt find a transistor tester at the electronics store so i bought some BU2508AF as a replacment . if the ksc fail, could there be any harm done to the rest of the circuit?
  8. is the BU2508AF a good replacement for the ksc5026m on the grhv?
  9. is there any benefit for going higher than 400v? (for the carbon)
  10. is 550 pulsed 475 continuous VDC good enough for the big caps on the grhv?
  11. anybody has the left and right 1.8 grhv boards for selling? i dont mind which variant it is
  12. do you think the rk27 is good enough? im going to feed the carbon only 2vrms so the pot shouldnt be turned too low
  13. well my dac is 16bit so using a digital volume control means losing information unless the volume is at max (to my knowledge digital volume control works by reducing the bit depth, and anything below 16 bit means losing information)
  14. hey, which stepped attenuators / potentiometers are a good option for the carbon? most people use rk50 but thats too expensive for me
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