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  1. i forgot to set the drok input voltage setting to 115 vice 230. thought i was in the habit of checking that first before using. now i can get 35 volts at 8 amps before reaching my load tester limit. put a 3k resistor in my grlv to get 30 volts out. now i get 30 volts at 8 amps out on a load test. here is the noise level before and after the grlv regulator during the 8 amp load test.
  2. found a couple 121 ohm resistors and here is what i get now amps volts 1a 23.35v 2a 23.36v 3a 23.37v 4a 23.38v 5a 23.39v 6a 23.40v 7a 23.40v 8a 23.40v 9a 23.41v 10a 23.41v
  3. but the mjw21196 is rated for 16 amps what could go wrong? do you need to redesign the grlv for 10 amps? do i have to modify something or is it good as is? i know the load tester is only rated for 200w and it survived i can get a 60v 8a adjustable power supply for $47. maybe it can do 35v at 8a only 8 amps tho
  4. i load tested the drok 48v 10a power supply and only got up to 27v at 10a with a rigol dl3021a dc electronic load tester here is the 1a steps (edit: forgot to set the drok input voltage setting to 115 vice 230) i was able to get 35 volts at 8 amps before reaching my load tester limit. anps volts 1a 36v 2a 35v 3a 34v 4a 33v 5a 32.6v 6a 32v 7a 31v 8a 30v 9a 28v 10a 27v then i connected a grlv with a 2k resistor to output 23.3v and load tested it amps volts 1a 23.3v 2a 23.2v 3a 23.2v 4a 23.1v 5a 23.1v 6a 23.0v 7a 23.0v 8a 22.9v 9a 22.9v 10a 22.8v
  5. I used the bk1735 to replace the transformer as input to the grlv circuit. here is the noise level before and after the grlv then i tested an adjustable 0-48v 10a power supply i found on amazon for $40 DROK 48V Power Supply, AC 110V/220V to DC 0-48V 10A and tested it before and after the grlv
  6. you're right in i have not calibrated it to 1v so i can't say 1uv, I'll strike that. from the post. this does let me see noise on power supplies for comparison like this bk1735.
  7. I've been able to use my RME ADI-2 PRO & RMAA 6.4.5 to measure GRLV power supply output noise. Kevin asked about using my setup with a DC block. It started with a 10uf film cap and 10k resistor then an audio transformer to isolate the RME from the power supply. I discovered a few sources of noise and removed them to get the GRLV output noise down to -120 dB. The first source of noise was 50 Hz and it's harmonics from 7 LED volt meter displays. The second was from not having ground connected from the RME to the power supply. The third was 60 Hz and it's harmonics because the GRLV circuit was too close to the power transformers. 1" was too close and 4" was much better. The pics in the previous post shows the progress over the last 10 days. The final 2 pics show the positive and negative voltage outputs on left and right channels. Then the final pic shows before and after the GRLV circuit. Here is the DC block circuit used to measure the output noise. I used one for each channel.
  8. Found this TPA3255 on Amazon for $65 AIYIMA A07 TPA3255 Power Amplifier 300Wx2 RightMark Audio Analyzer test _ TPA3255 RME ADI-2 Pro.pdf
  9. Also found this 5200/1943 board on Amazon for $16. Vbestlife 2SC5200+2SA1943 Power Amplifier Board 100W Set it up as balanced mono on the left channel and compared it to a XLR cable on the right channel. It has about 23 dB gain. RightMark Audio Analyzer test _ 5200 1943 ADC1.pdf
  10. Here is the Benchmark AHB2 RMAA on the RME. RightMark Audio Analyzer test _ AHB2 RME ADI-2 Pro.pdf
  11. Here is the HPA4 & RME RMAA. RightMark Audio Analyzer test _ HPA4 RME ADI-2 Pro 48.pdf
  12. I should test my Benchmark HPA4 or AHB2 on the RME.
  13. That was without the steel covers. When I put the covers on, it looks like this:
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