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  1. So I should get something like LiveWires, then? To test how my ears can handle the feel. Not a bad idea, since LiveWires go for like 250$ + shipping and handling (maybe even customs ) And with that I could also justify my crave for a pico Shame that the 30 day return policy doesn't work for me as I live in Finland How much difference does the actual material of the iems do? I'm guessing they're not all made of the same stuff, no?
  2. The price difference luckily is not a too big problem. I'm currently in a such life situation that having full-sized phones of the same sound quality is not so important, as I really can't listen to music in a "quiet" environment - hence my interest towards the UE10/11. Also portability is of major importance as I go everywhere with my D1001's booming (couldn't really handle much bigger headphones for everyday carry..)
  3. Certainly not much more than I've come to meet in my work. The experience I do have, though, has made me come to the conclusion that I can only really use custom tips - others make my ear canals hurt like hell
  4. Long time lurker here. Considering on upgrading from my Denon AH-D1001 into custom iem world. Partly because of my work (sound engineer) partly because I enjoy spending my hard earned money in music. Other option is to get a PICO but I'm guessing ue10 or ue11 would improve the sound quality more than my denons + a pico. Either way I'm probably eventually going to invest to both unless someone has a better idea?
  5. As the title suggests I'm having problems with my brand new DT770/Pro-80 headphones with my 160Gb iPod Classic. The pod pauses the music after a little while as if I had disconnected the headphones (handy feature otherwise, but not here ) Any ideas on what to do to prevent this? The headphones work very well everywhere else, it's just my pod that seems to be incompactible. p.s. Just to clarify, the headphones are connected with a 3.5mm jack
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