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Found 2 results

  1. Edit: Group buy on Song Huei pots is closed. Please see the this post for the current TKD group buy The latest version of the Dynalo SS Mini board uses a 21 mm alpha potentiometer. Song Huei potentiometers are identical in every way and and inquiry with them has led to the possibility of a small order limited to ~100 potentiometers. Otherwise we would need a minimum order of 1000. Due to the low number of available potentiometers, whoever is ordering a Dynalo Mini SS PCB will get first priority and extra potentiometers will be limited. Due to the reported failure rate of these potentiometers, I will also accept returns to send back to Song Huei in order to get an exchange or refund. You do not have an option to choose a refund unless I get refunded for the potentiometer. This may seem like a hassle but the potentiometers are also only $4 each. There is also some interest in TKD pots for people that missed out on the other group buy. These are not compatible with the current Dynalo Mini(yet) but will be fine with the Dynalo SS v9 boards or any other balanced project. an excel GB sheet will be available soon Edit: Group buy sheet is available here Anyone who is buying a PCB on sbelyo's GB spreadsheet is automatically added to this one. People are allowed one pot per PCB and after that any pots left are up for grabs. However just because you are buying a PCB doesn't automatically mean you want to be part of this group buy so please register your interests as well as any surplus pots you might want. The names and number of pots are directly linked to the other group buy so if you want to join this you must buy a PCB. I realize that some people are added that are not buying the Dynalo Mini but that's only because the scripting to remove names linked to another spreadsheet was becoming a headache, I have already labeled those people as none-participants. This group buy will be very short as I must submit my order by Oct 4th according to the email I received, perhaps two weeks more at most. Since this is such short notice I'll probably buy it out of my own funds as long as I reach a certain threshhold of payments and then I can wait a little bit more for others to pay me. There is a separate group buy for TKD attenuators which have no limit. You will need to add your name separately for that group buy. TKD does not stock anything and makes everything to order. This means that there is a wait between 1.5-2 months. Other information on this TKD group buy can by found on the other page which recently closed If you want other TKD products the page is open to editing and you can just add the category. Otherwise just let me know and I will add it. A lot of these details are not set in stone so expect more updates Edit2: I did a bit of reorganizing and my thoughts on this are a bit more clear. First the Song Huei and TKD pots are on separate sheets now. The TKD one is right here. The other thing is that now the number of pots accounted for is reflected more accurately whether you chose to join the GB or not. If you have already mentioned here your interest then I have already marked "Yes" for you. From the way it looks we might be able to accommodate all orders. Here are the different phases I have for ordering the SH pots. Phase 1: Everyone ordering a PCB will be able to order one pot per PCB. This will last until Oct 1 at midnight, GMT Phase 2: Anyone not part of the PCB group buy will be able to register interests in leftover pots. This will last until Oct 2 at midnight, GMT Phase 3: The number of pots will be fixed and totals will be posted. Payment will be expected through paypal. Because of the tight scheduling I will not require 100% of all payments but I do need a threshold of at least 60% of all orders paid for me to place an order. Phase 4: By october 4 the order must be submitted. Note that if the total number of pots is under 99 than anyone can still order some as long as I receive payment before I place the order. Phase 5: When pots are received shipping charges will be posted. TKD pots do not have this time constraint and will have a very different procedure.
  2. I have decided to go ahead and build the SR-X for my 007 MK1 and am going to be ordering boards for both the amp and PSU (ordering from pcbnet.com). If you would like an amp and/or PSU board please let me know and I will start a list. Files that were submitted are below: SR-X Board: http://gilmore.chem.northwestern.edu/boards/srx6.zip JimL Shunt PSU (PLEASE NOTE: This is the revised board KG recently updated): http://gilmore.chem.northwestern.edu/boards/srxshunt3.zip LIST: Knerian: 1 amp/1 psu n3rdling: 2 amp/2 psu No_One: 2 amp/2 psu VelvetX: 1 amp/1 psu gwrskien: 2 amp/2 psu kingofsnake: 0 amp/1 psu JK47: 1 amp/1 psu Microcuts: 2 amp/2 psu Hitmanfluffy: 1 amp/1 psu chiguy: 1 amp/1 psu Arthrumus: 1 amp/1 psu Clemmaster: 1 amp/ 1 psu End Of Group Buy This group buy will end on May 13th when i will be placing an order for the boards and will let everyone know the finalized pricing (currently $18.84 for PSU boards and $23.61 for amp boards) Thank you. Nicholas
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