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  1. velvetx

    Get your game on!

    @Grahame sorry I will never buy or steal an ubishit game. I will just have to wait until you guys are done.
  2. velvetx

    Get your game on!

    @MexicanDragon and @Grahame you both have to get PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Solid game $30 on steam for early access but damn it feels so damn good when you get one of these: http://i.imgur.com/orMgeIy.jpg We can do squads with @TMoney of 4 people. Just Do Et
  3. Been seeing a lot of Duke brackets but I think Arizona is going to take it home this year. http://freebracketchallenge.1.mayhem.cbssports.com/brackets/shareable-bracket/767b66c3b1f045110509e231cd9adb4f56548d2b167f9e7f?randkey=821435&ttag=BC17_tw_sh
  4. Alright all boards have been delivered so this group buy is officially closed. Thank you everyone for your help.
  5. For those who wanted an opinion regarding the Ether E-Stat update: MrSpeakers Ether E-Stat (out of BHSE): Unfortunately I know that the Ether E-Stat still is in the prototype stage and after talking with Dan he had mentioned he hasn't really been working on it due to the focus on the Flow (which to me makes business sense since more people own amps for the ether planar line than the e-stat line). As much as I wish this was good unfortunately it falls way short of living up to the legends the Stax 007 MK1 and 009. It doesn't hold any of the properties that Stax are known for and feel like there is much room to improve upon. It's very flat, dull, and quite boring. Like the iteration at CanJam SoCal the bass again sounded fake almost like it was hollow rather than thick and visceral like with the 007 MK1. Personally not a fan of the 009 but even the 009 to me bested the ether e-stat here. Now that the Flow is launching I really hope Dan makes the E-Stat his next focus as I think Dan could have something big here. A few things to me that make absolutely no design sense. Doesn't want to use a Stax connector. Made a removable plug. Dan says no one makes the Stax connector but I told him guess what the boys from headamp seem to have them and aren't veering away. If it ain't broke don't fix it. Would be pretty disappointed to see Dan pull an Apple and make people buy a different amp just to listen to this headphone.
  6. Wikia Impressions: @n3rdling's HE90 Clones (out of BHSE): For those of you who might have missed the opportunity to listen to these you need to put it on your must listen to at the next meet he attends. Personally having never listened to the original Orpheus but loving my 007 MK1 out of the Headamp BHSE and hating the Stax 009's I felt at a loss. I mean the 007 MK1 is my favorite headphone I own but at times want something a little more refined that my HD800 SDR isn't doing. Well enter the HE90 clones I have heard these at one other meet I attended and it was out of the Headamp Aristaeus (oh yah the other e-stat amp Justin makes) and with the BHSE I felt like everything I put on was like I was actually being sang to. The instrument separation was perfect with just the right amount of sound stage Tonal balance was just superb Bass I felt was different than what I am used to with the MK1 less thick but more defined. For someone who isn't a fan of the 009 this headphone just hits all the right spots for me. As I had mentioned previously I had heard this at a previous meet and it was the best headphone hands down and again the result was the same. I don't know if Milos will ever release these as a production headphone but after listening again and this time with the BHSE it took all my willpower just not to hand him a wad of cash for his prototype. As someone who doesn't like the 009 I am shocked I fell in love with this headphone but for me it just checks all the right boxes. Would love to hear if anyone else has listened to these before and has comments.
  7. Impressions from Wikia regarding the Focal line: Focal Elear (out of Eddie Current BW SC): Really well built Solid feel and very comfortable I have to say I did feel like this was a cleaner HD650 and slightly more detailed Would probably describe it as having the best of both worlds between the HD600 and the HD650 Best part about it is you don't need an expensive custom tube amp to remove the HD650's veiled sound At a $999 price point however I feel like another entry into upper mid-fi will hold this headphone back Focal Utopia (out of Eddie Current BW SC): Another really well built headphone Solid feel and very comfortable Very clear and detailed with a decently wide sound stage Bass is a bit lacking for me but overall good tonal balance Sometimes I felt however that there was the same hyper realness that I don't like with the Stax 009 present. Most impressed though with the golden headphone case @jude had these housed in. Unfortunately at $4k I really feel this headphone is overpriced especially against the next headphone I am going to mention. Sorry for any Stax 009 fans didn't mean to insult but just not my bag. I'm a 007 MK1 fan
  8. Impressions from Wikia as well: MrSpeakers Ether Flow (out of Eddie Current BW SC): Will just cut to the chase here as no I don't like closed back headphones so I didn't bother listening to the Ether-C Flow and have always felt the Ether open back is miles better than the C. Just personal opinion so I won't be comparing the two. Really solid build quality like Dan's previous Ether iterations. If I have one thing to say that I believe Dan excels at is his understanding of people who have headphones on for hours a day. The Ether Flow like it's predecessors is lightweight, very comfortable, and not fatiguing whatsoever. Dan's headband is money and if any other company has super expensive headbands they should really try to get Dan to license them something because his are really good. As a big fan of the original Ether I feel that Dan has captured a sound that he works endlessly to continue evolving giving users the best experience possible. While some other vendors take steps forward then many steps back I feel like Dan is like a freight train that continues to get better and better. Kudos to you man and thank you for always doing your best to keep prices reasonable and have something for everyone. Now with the Ether Flow I hate to admit but I was hard pressed to hear the changes between the Ether 1.1 and the Flow (it's probably sound memory failing) but as soon as I can compare the two I will make sure to create another post comparing the two (maybe RMAF or if I get lucky and find someone to loan me both for a few days). I always remember the sound stage and depth being quite good but one thing i noticed that with the Flow it seemed to expand more than the 1.1. Bass was tight and solid with good tone. For me the bass is where I focus and this is the differences I want to hear between the 1.1 and the Flow. What can I say at $1,799 I would take this over the HD800S but I think at a used price of around $700-800 I would probably take the original HD800 with @Sorrodje's SDR mod. Sorry just trying to save pennies however for those vendors who make $1.5k+ headphones I would say the Ether sets the bar at this price point and I feel it has been that way since Dan introduced it. @sorenb saw your comment to @TMoney and I have to say based on memory I don't think there is as much of a jump as potentially claimed. I like the Ether open back but I am not totally convinced that there is much change to the sound subjectively from the original Ether to the 1.1 then the Ether 1.1 to the flow. I would love a chance to have a shootout between the three and then make a final decision (as Adam always says let the blind tests roll).
  9. Just a few rides I have done in the past. After death ride tour Colorado I quit cycling. I love the downhill but have always felt i might enjoy the climbing better (especially when I am in the zone). https://www.strava.com/activities/52392823?utm_content=1831823 https://www.strava.com/activities/46393994?utm_content=1831823 https://www.strava.com/activities/54202707?utm_content=1831823 I will say this the century ride I did was probably one of the most mentally taxing things I have ever done. Your mind starts to wander and you find yourself in a strange place. Though it was tough mentally it felt really good to know I completed it.
  10. Damn after seeing this thread so populated makes me really think about potentially getting back into cycling. Let the great bike search begin
  11. Just finished this and wow it was a real eye opener as I was very young when the case happened. Thanks for the recommendation @TMoney
  12. I tried the Razer Blade Stealth at CES this year it's a pretty nice machine. If you are going with that you would definitely need the Razer Core which is really expensive for what it is. That and the performance for what it is according to what some reviewers have said is not as high as expected. Razer Blades though are very nice looking (basically a gaming macbook pro) but I don't know about reliability. Personally I don't trust razer as a company as they have made some pretty cruddy products. I guess what you need to figure out first is what is your budget. I will say no matter what you do do not buy a lenovo. Their trackpads are terrible and reliability in the past for me have been an issue. The other issue with gaming laptops is their battery life is not that good (reason being they are meant to be desktop replacements with high performance graphics cards not travel machines as they are heavy). I think the new nvidia 10 series mobile graphics cards are set to hit in a few months so i would probably wait. They are much cooler and more efficient than the maxwell cards and the gains are pretty dramatic.
  13. velvetx

    Get your game on!

    Actually after reviewing the steam sales you could actually save a few bucks on G2A buying stuff. Pretty sad and get an additional 3% by using the code: NADIA
  14. velvetx

    Get your game on!

    Yah on my list: Doom Rise of the Tomb Raider Dark Souls 3
  15. Would you really hurt your team by making a stupid mistake like that? Regardless Green knew he was in foul trouble. Not defending James here but Green was the one with the most to lose here.
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