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  1. All payments have been made. I'll submit the order as soon as I can. Any additional fees don't need to be paid until it's time to ship.
  2. Very nice! I assume it would work with the Dynalo Mini in place of the TPS7Axxxx regulators?
  3. Most of you have been pretty prompt with payments. Only 4 left. I'll give you guys the weekend and I'll place the order on Monday. Whoever has paid by that time will get their order placed and the rest will be removed. If I get everyone's payment by tomorrow then I'll place the order tomorrow. Also to let you know that even though I closed the group buy, you can still join if you tell me exactly what you want and can pay quickly.
  4. TKD group buy is now closed. Some people have been on here for awhile so I'll send a DM to see if you are still in and then request your email so I can send a paypal invoice. If you prefer transferwise then let me know and I'll send a request through them.
  5. Sent. Also gave you extra for another PCB I wanted to add. Also want to remind people that I am closing the TKD GB tonight.
  6. If you don't install the buffer or servo will it function like a regular passive switch? i don't mind waiting if this is still an option.
  7. I was waiting for a price on the dynalo mini. Did you ever get a quote?
  8. Would the buffers be installed vertically like on the ubal/bal board? I feel like it might be an issue with stacking one board over the other in that case. I am not likely to use it either because I'll already have the ubal/bal boards. However I would use an interface for the digital attenuator. I am totally fine with the switch board as is but I wouldn't have an issue with extra features either.
  9. So biasing/VAS is certainly different between the two. Is this why the mini version needed heatsinks for the output transistors?
  10. Just looking at kgdynalobal9.zip I count 22, so it's not 24 but still more then 16. Of course this is just counting the transistors themselves and not based on the schematic so I can't say that they are all used for the output. I need to take a closer look at the schematic to verify.
  11. The mini uses 16 transistors per channel whereas the full size uses 24. I would presume that the mini has a lower power output as a result. You also lack the freedom of the kind of attenuator you would like to use, but you can get around that by going offboard and connecting with wires.
  12. I heard back from TKD. All prices on the spreadsheet are current and haven't changed.
  13. I just want to be clear on the input boards. Is the price for a set (=2xPCBs) or is it per PCB. I put down 2 to indicate 2 PCBs. Otherwise I need to change mine to 1 because I don't need 4 channels.
  14. Finalizing prices with TKD this week. Let me know now if there are any items you would like to add. The sheet will be locked soon after. Also is there any consensus on the Song Heui pots? Are they as good as the Alpha labeled 21mm pots? Should I bother doing a bulk order group buy to reach the 1000 MOQ?
  15. At some of these prices it's probably worth getting some extra in case I screw up soldering.