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  1. Balanced to unbalanced board

    Are you using +/-20v? Can you run it without heat sinks at a lower voltage?
  2. Everyone that has paid me in the group buy up to now has had their package shipped. When I arrived at the post office a few package actually had cheaper shipping so I'll be issuing partial refunds to make up the difference. I will PM you tracking numbers soon.
  3. Ok, It's been a bit of a headache but I got everything packed and priced appropriately. The spreadsheet has been updated with what you currently owe. As soon as this is paid I will PM you a tracking number and send it out as soon as possible.
  4. Balanced to unbalanced board

    Do the SMD boards use 1206 size resistors and LEDs?
  5. Balanced to unbalanced board

    Hey @mypasswordis, do you have a BOM available for the ubal board and diamond buffer?
  6. Had everything packed for the rest of you. However the thickness passed up 4cm which made it a larger package. This pushed shipping prices to 25€ for even one small pot. I'll be repacking them into a slimmer form factor. If you just want yours now and don't mind paying the extra shipping then let me know. Sorry about the delay
  7. If you are testing these as you receive them, please be aware that the resistance will not follow a logarithmic taper since it's some hybrid ladder circuit. When measuring voltage it should be logarithmic. http://www.tkd-corp.com/otherpdf/Important_points_LADDER.pdf
  8. All USA addresses have been labeled and ready to ship. Shipping prices have been updated on the spreadsheet. I will PM you tracking numbers along with a reminder of my email and amount. As soon as I get paid then I'll send out the package. The rest will be ready later this week. Also if you think there is a discrepancy between what you paid me and what I have posted then let me know. I might have forgot to add your contribution.
  9. Update to let you know I didn't run off with your pots. All USA pots have been packed and shipping totals will be posted tomorrow. All packages will include tracking and let me know if you want insurance too. The rest will ready before the end of the week. Remember that the price listed is in euros and to PayPal me the money to the email I sent you through DM.
  10. Great, now I have to go on a trip too. Most of the packages are boxed up but I haven't posted shipping. I'll be away until June 22. As soon as I get back the only thing I'll be doing is working on shipping these pots ASAP. Sorry about the delay folks.
  11. Job interview went well. Sheets have been updated to reflect the amount I paid in VAT vs my estimated amount. It should just be a small change for most people. Shipping prices haven't been posted yet so please do not pay the rest until I post those prices. The smaller pots are a bit tricky to pack because the pins are really delicate, so I don't know if embedded in styrofoam is a good idea. My relative handling the USA shipping has received the package and will have shipping posted by tomorrow. He needs to leave for two weeks on Thursday, so try to pay as soon as the final prices are announced unless you don't mind waiting for an extra two weeks.
  12. A little update. I have shipped the attenuators destined to the US to a relative. When he receives them he just needs to go to the post office and get the packages priced. I also have some interviews I need to prepare for right now so I've pushed back finishing this until next week. I hope this delay isn't an issue for most of you. If you haven't already sent me your mailing address, then please let me know now.
  13. Pots have arrived! For the US I am sending a bulk package to a family member and then reshipping. This should be cheaper then sending directly to each person from France. Everyone in EU/Asia will get it directly from me. Unlike the Song Heui pots I got my tax bill immeadiately, so no surprises this time. I'll update the shipping + fees section soon when I get it all figured out.
  14. The Multi Amp aka Dynalo Mk2

    Never mind. I found this comment by KG
  15. The Multi Amp aka Dynalo Mk2

    I found that MPSA06/56 is available. Can they be used in place of MPSW06/56 for the through hole version?