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Found 3 results

  1. I'm looking for advices of you again. I'm looking for stereo system components which reveals cables, records, even stands which they stands on. I want to call what I want characterless or boring to listen. I want this system for A/B testing. And of course I'm on a budget like 6000 Dollars. I'm going to look for second hand components. and XLR is must. The brands I've heard from people are; PMC (I'm going to listen some of them in saturday) and ATC for speakers, Bryston for amplifier, and I'm looking for a studio dac (I think mytek has best price/performance ratio) Do you have any ideas about any other brands? Any cheaper alternative to Bryston especially? I hope I can deliver my thoughts properly. Thanks for advices guys.
  2. I'm Allen,I'm writing to share my newest electronic gadget with you all.If you have any perfect electronic products ,welcome to share here together. I regards myself as an electronic fans,I always focus on newest electronic technologies.I do these Just because I want get the best quality with the most reasonable prices electronic gadgets.I expect what I do can give you a bit little help. Last week, I got a pair of wired speaker,it shocked me a lot,so I'd like to share with you all. Here it's picture link,I think it has a nice and classical designed style.you agree so? spammy picture deleted The design is superb the speakers sport a gray metallic paint exterior with a brushed black grill and sub-woofers on each side.Straight out of the box,They look ready to pump out the sound,They also come with anti slip rubber under the speakers. Sound The 2 speaker setup with littile sub-woofers encased in the speakers offer some pretty soundquality.It offers a mini home theater with heavy bass,4 single diaphragm and 52mm speaker let you enjoy the music and movies in full rich stereo sound and vastly different sound when compared to traditional USB2 speakers.One has to remember that these are budget speakers,but having said that these speakers sound pretty good.I tried the speaker across a wide genre of music,videos,games and of course the web,the sound qualitu was pretty good accross all platforms. That's all for this.
  3. Hi so i am making my own headphones, and i recently bought a 2.1 stereo surround sound amplifier. It has outputs for left, right and sub. My dilemma is this: should i try to do bridged mono to connect the sub output to the right output, and then seperately with the left outputs(and if so how) or should i split the sub and put two speakers in each side(and if so what is a good source for drivers. Thanks!
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