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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, been lurking for a while but finally signed up! Quick background on my gear: I'm in the Stax ecosystem with an L700(Mk1), SR-3, and an SRM-003. I also have a D10 and T1S, the latter of which was on a shelf unused in the original box for 25 years or so and last year I bought it. I'm still planning to recap it and upgrade it with the constant current mod, but that's to come soon. In the meanwhile, I came across a curiosity online, a homemade normal-bias tube amp. No real info provided, but it was a reasonable price so I took the shot in the dark, and I don't have the electronics knowledge to grok what I'm looking at. Can anyone more educated help me?
  2. Hi, I recently bought a used SRM-006T to power my SR-404 headphones. The amplifier seems to be working fine and it has the stock 6CF7 tubes. Sometimes I notice slight distortion when listening to fast paced electro music and Souvenir by OMD. I'm not particularly attracted to the idea of tube rolling but I think I should get the SRM-006T serviced soon and I've been offered the Kimik upgrade for £200. This is a lot of money and I'm starting to consider getting a newer SRM-323S or 323II to replace the 006T. I'm not sure whether to service/upgrade the 006T or get a new and cheaper to run solid state 323. I did try SR-407s with a 323S and noticed that the mid range was harsh but the SR-404s are noticeably smoother so the amplifier may not the issue. I'd be grateful to read your views on the tube v. solid state debate as far as Stax is concerned. Having read many reviews on the 323 series there doesn't seem to be any negative comments but Innerfidelity weren't especially complimentary about the much more expensive 727II amplifier. I've chatted with a few engineers and aren't convinced about the merits of tube amplifiers for electrostatic headphones but honestly I don't really understand the technical explanations. Cheers, Martyn
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