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Online vinyl places?


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On 1/8/2017 at 2:30 PM, dsavitsk said:

A - I was giving Ryan a hard time in a friendly way (hence the suggestion to go to the store 2 blocks from one of his favorite restaurants). B - call it what you will, but for me, vinyl is about experiencing music in a way that has been lost with digital and streaming. Slowing down listening is certainly one part of it, but so is being able to dig through record bins, talking to people at record stores, holding a large physical object with real cover art, etc.

Today I was in the area of our old house, when Lo and behold a used record store just opened down the block. Really nice guys that were easy to talk to and super helpful. Found a great looking bill Evans 180g for $5, and picked up cat Stevens tea for the tillerman for $3, copy looked untouched. Asked for phoebe snow, one of the guys didn't think we had any, but one of the workers overheard me and pulled out her 2nd album while he was sorting some records, $2. Finally found a copy of Beatles love songs but appeared to have a pressing issue on final track. Asked guys to play it on system and it skips, ask nicely if they can give me a discount and $6 later its mine. So yes this was a lot of fun and the records are super clean and quiet and just great music. 

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On 1/8/2017 at 6:33 PM, MexicanDragon said:


Local record shops are great for you old fucks, but for we whippersnappers looking for nostalgia, it's hundreds and hundreds of dollars (just ask @postjack,) or reissues. Going through bins is basically pointless for me, as the stuff we wanted was limited on vinyl, if at all, and mostly on CD/cassette.

At least we can get some Colin Approved music at your door by the time you get home on Tuesday.



My vinyl purchases have slowed down considerably, I buy maybe several records a year. Some inexpensive, but mostly I buy high dollar / rare records. I say buy, but I've also been trading in large quantities of records I no longer listen to. I am popular at my local record store because I bring them a bunch of records pressed in the past ten years or so that they can easily sell for $10-15 a pop, and in return I take the records on the top shelf they have a hard time selling. 

I'm strangely lucky to have a really amazing record store down here in Mobile, AL. The guy who runs it has been involved in music for decades and really knows his shit, he is always finding rare records that blow my mind. I recently got an original pressing of Joy Division's "Unknown Pleasures". Like no shit, I literally own Factus 1 now. Zero reason to own it for sound quality, since pretty much all the reissues sound great, but man it is cool to own this. I also finally picked up the original pressing of "Ten" he's had sitting up there for years, after a particularly large trade-in. 

The only new releases I buy anymore regularly are the Third Man Vault subscription releases, which are always interesting and beautiful and sound great. But when I did buy new Elusive Disc was my favorite online store. 

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Will definitely check out elusive disc. I just received my first brand new vinyl order today from soundstage direct, Beatles rubber soul and a pet sounds Kevin gray mono mastering. I've also got Radiohead kid a, moon shaped pool, and Coldplay rush of blood to the head (for the wife, yup) coming soon, and just ordered Chet baker sings,wilco YHFT, and Jeff Buckley grace Kevin gray mastering last night, all from soundstage. Their shipping is total overkill and they offered the option to avoid cover seam splits by opening the album and shipping the record outside its album cover. And something about the way their website is formatted makes it really easy to spend money...

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On January 8, 2017 at 1:47 PM, dsavitsk said:

Isn't the point of vinyl nostalgia to reconnect with the old way of doing things? Laurie's Planet of Sound is 2 blocks from Garcia's ...



You'll be happy to hear that I visited two of the places on that list today :)

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