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    Brian Wilson maybe?
  2. Even outside of SQ, the tidal interface is soooo much better
  3. It was revealed that there was a tragic loss in the family as well. Again, if one is not a world class athlete themselves, it’s probably best not to comment on said decisions of world class athletes based on performance
  4. Olympic softball is back! Despite the goofy field, I’m diggin it. My daughter plays travel softball so here’s hoping it’s a bonding moment lol
  5. I can’t remember the last time I’ve spun a disc on my oppo 103. I’m basically using it as a video hdmi upscaler for my little xfinity flex streamer and essentially as a preamp for the 2nd rig
  6. Great to hear! Here’s hoping that’s a tradition that continues (outdoor choral ensemble singing).
  7. Please send PayPal for tkam beer fund. THANK YOU
  8. HBD Dougie Fresh! I shall have some county donuts in your honour (sorry)
  9. Thirded with Bryan and Steve and Jim. so that means I’m 4th. headphone soundstage is an auditory illusion created by the recording itself and influenced heavily by ones gear and mental state.
  10. Holy smokes @Aurais posting weekly now woo hoo
  11. I would argue that Grado upon seeing said Note would take extra care in making sure the drivers were definitely replaced and fucked with.
  12. kid Cudi - Man on the Moon: End of Day
  13. My basement rig is essentially a HC hand me down sloppy seconds rig and it’s like amazing
  14. great to hear. Still enjoying my shelly hand me down Kef I's. They are in a basement digital rig and with the help of Jim's hand me down NAD m51 dac some of that treble harshness people report on appears to be mitigated to a certain extent in my situation.
  15. Just checked my to go-tos, elusive disc and acoustic sounds. Both are backordered
  16. I'd bite but damn November is a long time from now.
  17. ugh the wallet fucking hurts but damn so worth it
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