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Could someone help me find out if these 2SK369V are real?


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Looks real in the pic and has a pic of a lockyz output from the curve tracer.  Gets good feedback and all.  Still no real way for me to tell from the pics.  I was hoping to buy a set and ask one of you more experienced users to test them for me to see if they meet original specs.

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Yes, i have buyed 2SK163/2SJ44 pairs from this seller, they was original and very well matched.

Matching checked with PEAK Atlas DCA75

And gate capacitances checked with simple transistor tester (as a marker of datasheet specs):

Combination of the transconductance and gate capacitance are unable to be counterfeited together. It would be great to check intrinsic device noise, but i'm too lazy for that.

So i hope, those 2SK369's are original too.

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