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Audeze LCD-3 Redux

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Noticed that there hasn't been anything posted on the Audeze LCD-3 for some time now.  The Fazor update was around 2014 or so, and there was a fair amount of press at the time that it improved the performance of the headphones.   

I picked up a set of LCD-3's last fall, and to me, they sounded pretty darn good overall.  I found it a step up from a pair of Focal Elars that I was using.  At this time, was using a Mjolnir Audio Dynalo amp to drive the Audeze LCD-3's.   While I was happy with the sound overall, noticed that some recordings didn't have quite the clarity I was hoping for.  

So, when a deal to pick up a Mjolnir Audio Pure Bipolar for a really good price came up, decided to pull the trigger to see how it drove the LCD-3's.  Turns out that the Pure Bipolar is a excellent match for the LCD-3's.  The increased clarity I was hoping for was there now in spades.  The improvement provided by the amp was quite noticeable.  

The questions I have for the group is:  How many LCD-3 owners upgraded to the LCD-4?  I did read that there were a number of failures with early LCD-4's, which has supposedly been corrected.  For those that upgraded:  Was the upgrade worth the extra expense? 

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I suggest saving up for the LCD-4 as it's a big improvement from the LCD-3 esp. in terms of tuning (not as warm) and clarity. Also, the LCD-4 seems to have minimal random driver failure issues unlike the LCD-3. 

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