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  1. Thanks. I feel much the same way about the Diana, and the phi-TC are certainly better.
  2. Well, we are waiting for your impressions. Those are a set of cans I've had my eye on for some time. I've a pair of Abyss Diana phones, and find them very very good. To me, they are a good step from the LCD-3.
  3. Sonarworks ranked the Elear as good as the Clear. I had the Elear for awhile. While it did some things very well, it was a bit too shrill for my taste. Migrated to Audeze LCD-3, which was closer to my preferred sound. The LCD-3 was clearer, but a bit dull with violins. Wound up selling that and obtained a Abyss Diana. Very happy with those, as they seem to do everything right.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. Wound up going a different direction. Obtained a pair of Dan Clark Ether 2 cans.
  5. This looks awesome. Too rich for my blood, but I bet the combination sounds incredible. I have a pair of T+A Criterion floor standing speakers, and they are a great sounding pair. This company knows what they are doing.
  6. Noticed that there hasn't been anything posted on the Audeze LCD-3 for some time now. The Fazor update was around 2014 or so, and there was a fair amount of press at the time that it improved the performance of the headphones. I picked up a set of LCD-3's last fall, and to me, they sounded pretty darn good overall. I found it a step up from a pair of Focal Elars that I was using. At this time, was using a Mjolnir Audio Dynalo amp to drive the Audeze LCD-3's. While I was happy with the sound overall, noticed that some recordings didn't have quite the clarity I was hoping for.
  7. OK. I better understand what you are talking about. I read up and got a better handle on the specific terms now.
  8. Looking forward to reading about your modifications and results. :-)
  9. Well, I did pick up a KGSSHV amp for the SR-007's. Oh My! What a difference from the stock Stax SR-007tA amp. The phones sound quite a bit different with the KGSSVHV amp. Unit I actually heard this setup, could not fully appreciate just how good the SR-007's can sound. There is a lot more drive and dynamic contrast with the new amp. All in all, I'm very satisfied. Hard to fathom that there is even further improvement that can be had. :-)
  10. Excellent. That is what I'll look to get then. Thanks
  11. Recently picked up a Stax SR-007 MK2 set of headphones (current production). Using them with a Stax SRM 007tA, they sound very good, and a nice step up from the SR-507's. It does seem like the SRM 007 runs out of steam with demanding source material. Would the KGSSV with the 400 volt power supply be sufficient to drive the SR 007's? Also need to look into the port mod as well.
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