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Need newb help with Arduino Due

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I'm looking to add an arduino to control my dac.  I'm not worried so much about writing code as that's already done and proven to work for others.  This whole platform is new to me.  I can see that the initial scrpt or program is the .ino file and that will contain commands as well as references to libraries but I'm not sure how to put this altogether in Arduino IDE to upload it to the Arduino Due.

I purchased this display for the project

There is a download with examples in it here

I want to test the 480x272 demo.  I see the ino file and have downloaded the UTFT library and added it to Arduino IDE.

Do I open the ino file in sketch then include the UTFT library and complile then upload?  Or am I missing steps?


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I got the no touch test pattern on the 5" display to work.

For those that are new (myself included), here's what I did.  

Download the example file from buydisplay.com.  

Extract it and the copy the UTFT folder located in Libraries-Examples_ER-TFTM050-4\Libraries into the Libraries folder in the Arduino folder under My Documents (Windows).  

Open the .ino file located here Libraries-Examples_ER-TFTM050-4\Examples\No_Touch_GraphicTest

compile and upload the code

Remove the usb cable from the programming port

Assemble the shield, screen, and arduino together

Plug a 7-12 Vdc 1A or more power source into the power socket on the arduino board

It should display the test

screen test.jpg

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