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Stax SRM-717 Questions and Concerns


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Hello Everyone,

Stax noob here. I'm fairly new to electrostatics, but I did do my research before upgrading from my SRM-3. I managed to snag a 717 in what seems to be extremely good condition for around 670 USD a couple months ago. I've been really enjoying it, but I want to make sure the thing will last. I've read several times now that the electrolytic caps are a concern with aging Stax amps, and I want to know if they are any parts that need to be replaced in my unit in the near future. I'm also interested in making upgrades if possible and converting my unit from 100V input to 120V, but those are less of a concern.

I cracked the amp open and pulled of the decorative PCB on the transformer to take a couple photos of its innards (attached below) in hopes that it may provide some indication of the level of work required to perform any of the tasks mentioned. I have some experience with soldering and some fairly basic knowledge of electrical circuits and the like, by my skills and knowledge are geared predominantly towards medicine and dentistry, so I would greatly appreciate any help or resources on how to perform the maintenance/mods, some direction as to where I can take the amp if i can't do it, and a rough estimate of the cost.

Thanks in advance to whoever is willing to read this!



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