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Soundmatters foxL micro-speaker.

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Well, I posted all the ad copy a while ago in the last-thing-you-bought thread, but I thought I'd follow up after a while actually listening to it.

Short answers: Yes, it's ridiculously tiny. Yes, it really does sound ridiculously good for its size.


I would say it does honest bass down to the specified 80Hz and then some, which is quite an achievement for something that weighs all of 9oz. Mids and treble are clear and pleasant. At three feet or so, it will play louder than I'd care to listen for long. Remarkable given the physical constraints.

Could you do better for $199? Sure, a pair of Audioengine A2s will make mincemeat out of it. Could you do better for the sort of application I had in mind? (Wife's office, hiding under monitor, any obvious speakers unacceptable.) I doubt it.

Hats off to Dr. Appropriately-Germanic-sounding and all his crew.

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