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  1. Yo La Tengo -- This Stupid World
  2. A River Running To Your Heart -- Fruit Bats (2023).
  3. I guess this was before cultural appropriation was a thing?
  4. Not my usual lane but good music is good music.
  5. Happy Birthday Nate!
  6. Happy Birthday Steve! Village Sake I assume?
  7. Remember listening to them for the first time at 13 when the world was new and wonderful. Unfortunately getting a bit more aligned on the back end nowadays at 53 but still speaks to me.
  8. Crap I'm late as usual. Happy Birthday!
  9. Haven't bought a new watch for a while. Enjoying this one.
  10. Likewise! Sorry, haven't been on HC much lately.
  11. Been getting back into some 80s Texas (of Scotland.) If it was good enough for Alan Rickman ...
  12. I didn't like the last hey-i've-just-learned-to-play-the-piano-let's-do-lounge album but this one is quite good.
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