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  1. The British Chris Cross. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-13262433/Ultravox-star-played-wrote-classic-Vienna-hit-died-frontman-Midge-Ure-pays-tribute-loved-missed-old-friend.html
  2. Not ashamed to say I still deeply love Thomas Dolby. There's a lot to appreciate across his portfolio but think "Astronauts and Heretics" is probably his strongest album. Contains, for my money, two of the better pure pop songs ever written.
  3. Sometimes you have to take the whole 20-minute ride. IMO the definitive version of an epic song.
  4. Yikes. Behind! Happy birthday!
  5. There's a Richard Misrach/Meghann Riepenhoff show on now at one of the better Atlanta galleries. https://www.jacksonfineart.com/exhibitions/247-meghann-riepenhoff-richard-misrach-duet/ We have a piece by the latter (the big blue one that used to be in the family room in Marin) and she's going to come and see it in the new house at Christmas, when she's visiting her parents in Atlanta. Says she is always interested in how they change over time, given the direct exposure of the medium to the elements.
  6. The world is shit enough right now that some smooth music and bourbon together does not go astray.
  7. OK I want a 15" M3 Pro MacBook Air please. I guess that will come next year.
  8. Hi gents. A rather random question for the hive mind. This is the new mudroom-in-progress. During the design, we opted to keep the "seat" small to preserve full width access to the elevator that's in the left corner of the space. Sadly, we were a little too conservative and it's ended up looking downright vestigial. It's just under 6" and really needs to be at least 8" to be much use. (That's what she said!) I'm wondering if there's any practical way to add a "lip" extension made from the same wood. Obviously it would be load bearing -- a considerable load in my case -- so secure attachment would be the major consideration? There is less than half an inch of overhang of the current seat from the supports and the cross members are only 2" by 1". Suggestions welcomed, including "it's a dumb idea, just live with it as is you big maroon."
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