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  1. Apple has some in stock at stores but they also show earliest delivery for online orders around March 20.
  2. Ooh. You can froth my milk anytime, big boy!
  3. I hate to post about headphones on a booze and light banter site, but these might actually be interesting (T+A is a very German, engineering-driven audio concern) and are reassuringly expensive at $6400. The DAC/amp is apparently $8900. https://www.ta-hifi.de/en/musicreengineered-solitaire/
  4. I didn't know the magic smoke could go back in!
  5. She's like a Norwegian Jenny Lewis crossed with Neko Case and how can that be bad? (Yes, it is pronounced "Slutface".)
  6. Happy birthday stranger!
  7. Happy Birthday! Buy something nice that you don’t already have. Oh, wait…
  8. Going to watch "Paths of Glory" again. RIP Kirk Douglas.
  9. Goodbye goodbye goodbye goodbye goodbye etc.
  10. New Destroyer Album also out today. It's pretty great.
  11. Fit February starts tomorrow, which means today is Fat Fuck Friday!
  12. I will still love you even though you are a carb criminal.
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