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  1. OK to have one for non-specific vinyl discussions? Vinyl relevant links on Head-Case http://www.head-case.org/forums/home-source-components/4450-hagerman-bugle-dl-103-revisited.html http://www.head-case.org/forums/do-yourself/3931-pass-pearl-pcbs-related-parts.html http://www.head-case.org/forums/home-source-components/6471-linear-tracking-tone-arms-experience.html http://www.head-case.org/forums/home-source-components/3070-zyx-bloom-best-bargain-mc-under-5-000-a.html http://www.head-case.org/forums/home-source-components/5684-mc-phono-stage-review-rogue-stealth-vs-benz-lukaschek-pp-1-t8.html http://www.head-case.org/forums/audio-accessories/5193-what-do-i-need-terms-vinyl-accessories.html http://www.head-case.org/forums/home-source-components/3174-sony-ps-x800-vinyl-cheap-easy.html http://www.head-case.org/forums/do-yourself/4629-custom-turntable-build.html http://www.head-case.org/forums/home-source-components/4538-demagetizing-vinyl.html http://www.head-case.org/forums/home-source-components/4423-benefit-lomc-vs-homc.html http://www.head-case.org/forums/home-source-components/3183-cinemag-suts.html
  2. Budget flexible, the more idiot-proof the better -- for obvious reasons. Pellet seems like the lazy fucker's way to go and MAK and Cookshack get good reps online. Opinions?
  3. Like the fact that I can both not run and not bike on it. Definitely a value multiplier.
  4. Is it more expensive than the Peloton? If so, yes.
  5. Fuuuuuck that. Not coming.
  6. Sure, but I think his solo work stands up nonetheless. And I like the latest album. It sounds too much like classic Pink Floyd? I like classic Pink Floyd. YMMV.
  7. Bleachers -- Strange Desire
  8. Happy Birthday!
  9. http://www.thermoworks.com/Smoke
  10. Harsh, but fair.
  11. Happy birthday!
  12. May I have ten thousand marbles, please?
  13. There was some discussion of Royal Blood elsewhere. They were on Later the other day and killed it as usual. How does he actually do that with a bass guitar?
  14. There's no way any current could make it all the way through you to ground, Biggie.
  15. Welsh Rarebit. (Not rabbit, Steve.)
  16. Neill Blomkamp's new short. Obviously I'm in the tank for a(ny) South African Sci-Fi director, but will be interesting to see if this goes anywhere.
  17. There doesn't seem to be one specifically for general chitchat that I could see? Doubtless will be heavily shoveled-upon if in error in this matter. Anyway, nice update of the 13" Macbook -- now Pro -- today I thought. $100 price cut and FireWire makes a comeback, adds LED backlit display, support for 8GB of RAM, and the new uber-permabattery (OK, not unmixed blessing). Also thought $30 for Snow Leopard upgrade was pretty fair. Leaner, faster and (allegedly) fixed fucking finder would be well worth that to me.
  18. PS: That's from John Cleese not me. Just seemed apropos.
  19. Third Eye Blind -- S/T (20th Anniversary Edition) Oh the memories. Plus it has my jam on it.
  20. The English are feeling the pinch in relation to recent terrorist threats and have therefore raised their security level from “Miffed” to “Peeved.” Soon, though, security levels may be raised yet again to “Irritated” or even “A Bit Cross." The English have not been “A Bit Cross” since the blitz in 1940 when tea supplies nearly ran out. Terrorists have been re-categorized from “Tiresome” to “A Bloody Nuisance.” The last time the British issued a “Bloody Nuisance” warning level was in 1588, when threatened by the Spanish Armada. The Scots have raised their threat level from “Pissed Off” to “Let’s Get the Bastards.” They don’t have any other levels. This is the reason they have been used on the front line of the British army for the last 300 years.
  21. It's a portobello mushroom you philistine. [emoji6]
  22. You wot mate? Continuing the farewell breakfast tour -- the usual at Côte. Mmm, boudin noir ...
  23. Terrible. An absolute scandal. Yesterday was not a good news day anywhere.