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Thanks for joining Head-Case. I'm glad you're here. That said, you should be aware that this isn't your typical internet forum. We're not here so that you'll have another place to sell your stuff. We're not looking for people trying to pad their post counts, or demonstrate their ability to find witty things on the internet.

If you've come here looking for advice on which headphones to buy, perhaps you should check out http://www.innerfidelity.com. Tyll Hertsens, founder of Head-Room and long time community giant is the proprietor there, and does everything he can to ensure that accurate information is disseminated about headphones at every level.

This is predominantly a place for friends to discuss music, audio gear, and whatever else tickles our fancy. We are sometimes quite rude, often irreverant, and regularly abusive. Think of it like the corner bar where everyone knows each other. Don't mistake our familiarity with each other as familiarity with you, even if you've seen our names in other locations before.

Spend some time reading before you start to post. Get familiar with what is going on, and who the various people are. Don't just jump right into the fray.

This is your only warning, but I hope you can participate. There's a lot of good information, and more importantly, good people here.

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