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  1. I did a "recovery ride" with 2 category 4 climbs. So 1.8 miles of what I need to do for 33 miles straight to do maui. I have a long road ahead of me.
  2. What didn't you like about BJs? Costco is easily my favorite store ever. I once bought some $0.19 batteries that leaked and destroyed a $2000 mic preamp. Costco had me send them pictures, then the device and they fedexed me a check to buy a new one.
  3. you have the 10 channel mixpre, right? 3 line out, 3 amp mics, u87 omni from the best sounding spot in the room
  4. maybe I'm confused about how it works, but ftp shouldn't impact how hard it makes flat ground, should it?
  5. Does it have your weight right?
  6. Somehow 6 miles on Zwift is harder than 20 miles on the road
  7. are they playing accoustic? Is their amp something like a full spectrum pa with multiple inputs, or are they traditional electric instruments, and they're just gonna add a mic into that?
  8. he just never said he meant "chisel coal off the side of the mountain so you don't freeze to death"
  9. I'm setting a goal of riding Haleakala in Feb of 2022. I've gotta build up my climbing a lot now.
  10. Nate's gonna knock me off the head-case Strava leader board this weekend
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