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    my kids, hockey, motorcycles, music, guns
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    Married Father of 4, Former Taper, Recovering Deadhead, Life long Prankster
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    High Performance Computing Systems Engineer
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    RC Helicopers, Kid's Chaffeur, Photography, Analog Synthesis
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    ATH-W10VTG, JH Audio JH13
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    iPad 64gb wifi, iPhone 4, Apogee Ensemble, Apogee DUET, Behringer DEQ-2496, Cambridge Audio DV89, Sony PS-LX45 w/ Sumiko Black Pearl cart
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    Emotiva Pro AIRMOTIV4 powered monitors, JBL L65 Jubal Speakers, 2x Hafler P1000 amps running in bridged mono

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  1. that's where old people eat. Also
  2. And I did it, made the whole middle ocoee, ran mostly the normal difficult lines, and stayed upright.
  3. Light roast subtle coffees benefit a LOT from pourover with temperature control or well done espresso. Heavier bodied coffees and darker roasts are absolutely dandy from a french press.
  4. Made it onto the Ocoee this weekend. It was the "easy" section, and a short day, but still a good time. I'm going to try for the whole middle section in 2 weeks.
  5. you helped make this a community, and you're missed
  6. Try a ratio of 1:2.4 with that machine and see what you think...
  7. Casio makes some pretty good digital pianos in that price range, and it's possible to find a kawai, roland, or yamaha digital piano under a grand if you find someone who's had head trauma...
  8. no worries. it’s for a whitewater canoe that will kill me.
  9. I have a use for this if you still have it. Shipping to 37801...
  10. have you tried samsung technical support, or the store you bought it from? This is a private club filled with assholes, not a support forum.
  11. does anyone not use $2k iems?
  12. saw PFunk and Dopapod last night
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