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  1. It's one of your 2 skills and I'm trying to help get you back to cali.
  2. hire steve to be your snake wrangler
  3. Helped some friends go from this: to this
  4. *consults historical record* the black and white movie said to respond "stay cool daddy o"
  5. it's the whole forum's duty.
  6. in other words, boomers bought a lot of guitars, and are dying now, and there aren't as many GenXers buying expensive guitars to pretend they're in the stones. There's still a market for good guitars, but brand means less, and the over all market is somewhat smaller.
  7. I didn't realize colin was going back into riding
  9. Richard Wright dying made any hope of recreating old pink floyd possible, so Waters or Gilmore solo efforts are pretty much the only option for new Floyd these days. And since they haven't REALLY been floyd since Barrett got committed anyway...
  10. some pictures that others posted from the parade that seemed relevant:
  11. That's mine
  12. Marched in the Knoxville pride parade with my family and some local libertarians.
  13. family drove up today, so I was getting dinner ready for when they arrived