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  1. This is a picture I took in the dark at a quarry last night. 10 second exposure on my iPhone 11 Pro
  2. grawk

    Slowz Internetz

    I'm thankful I have comcast business these days, but I also haven't done much streaming, just lots of working
  3. the niche zero is the answer you seek
  4. If he’s still got it it was the first one listed. meanwhile IMG_0579.mov
  5. yup, first one. It's $8 for up to 4 bottles...that's what I ordered. The Kenyan is fucking fantastic too. I've had 6 lbs of that.
  6. https://www.levercraft.com/decent-espresso-club This is a small coffee shop in Austin that is roasting far better coffee than I can. He’s hurting right now because he just bought a lot of really expensive Yemeni coffee. If you have it in your budget it’s a cup of a lifetime and would help a small shop survive the trump plague.
  7. so I have to say I absolutely love the niche at this point. It's a very well thought out grinder, especially for espresso.
  8. thanks, it was pretty good. Hung out with family and friends, consumed some adult beverages. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. 95% of my use is for espresso, or "allongée" espresso. I'll probably keep another grinder for drip and French press. But this will let me put my commercial grinder into storage, it's too big and annoying for home use.
  10. my niche should be here within the week
  11. espresso is way more important than audio.
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