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    my kids, hockey, motorcycles, music, guns
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    Marmot Hill
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    Married Father of 4, Former Taper, Recovering Deadhead, Life long Prankster
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    High Performance Computing Systems Engineer
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    RC Helicopers, Kid's Chaffeur, Photography, Analog Synthesis
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    ATH-W10VTG, JH Audio JH13
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    iPad 64gb wifi, iPhone 4, Apogee Ensemble, Apogee DUET, Behringer DEQ-2496, Cambridge Audio DV89, Sony PS-LX45 w/ Sumiko Black Pearl cart
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    Emotiva Pro AIRMOTIV4 powered monitors, JBL L65 Jubal Speakers, 2x Hafler P1000 amps running in bridged mono

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  1. grawk


    on the left, lectrosonics spdr 2 channel digital recorder on the right sound devices 552 mixer/backup recorder and zoom f6 recorder. 5 channels of transformer mic mixer into 6 channel 192/32 recorder
  2. https://www.acousta.at/?lang=en this looks interesting
  3. from scratch chicken and dumplings
  4. spaghetti al’assassina with little caesar’s bread sticks we had left over
  5. The duet is firewire, so you'd just nee the the thunderbolt to firewire adapter, and the thunderbolt to thunderbolt 3/4 adapter. I have all the parts, I should validate that it works with current revisions of macOS
  6. I don't have any experience with anything newer than the apogee element, but I'd be surprised if the quality of their conversion has gone downhill as technology improves. I know they make the Boom for $250 which seems to be a step up from the old duets for windows, Mac, and IOS with usb c.
  7. Hope life is treating you well. Catch lots more tiny fish!
  8. a moment between a brother and sister, who also happen to be among the best kayakers in the world. The sister had just come in 3rd in the world among women, and the brother was about to come in first for men.
  9. you seem to get sent to all the prime spots
  10. from friday: Drivin N Cryin' https://archive.org/details/DrivinNCryin?query=date:2023-10-06* From 10/1 Molly Tuttle https://archive.org/details/mt-20231001.4015gs https://archive.org/details/mt-20231001.kk-14 Phoebe Hunt, the opener: https://archive.org/details/phoebe-hunt-4015gs-mastered Spafford, 9/20: https://archive.org/details/Spafford?query=date:2023-09-20* Rossdafareye, the opener: https://archive.org/details/rossdafareye-knox-bijou-dpa-4015gs Billy Strings, 8/24: https://archive.org/details/billystrings2023-08-24.4017vl Cracker, 7/22 https://archive.org/details/Cracker?query=date:2023-07-22* Ryan Adams and the Cardinals, 6/5 https://archive.org/details/RA230605.4015gs
  11. Molly Tuttle and Golden Highway with Phoebe Hunt opening
  12. Spafford at the Bijou in Knoxville
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