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    my kids, hockey, motorcycles, music, guns
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    Married Father of 4, Former Taper, Recovering Deadhead, Life long Prankster
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    High Performance Computing Systems Engineer
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    RC Helicopers, Kid's Chaffeur, Photography, Analog Synthesis
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    ATH-W10VTG, JH Audio JH13
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    iPad 64gb wifi, iPhone 4, Apogee Ensemble, Apogee DUET, Behringer DEQ-2496, Cambridge Audio DV89, Sony PS-LX45 w/ Sumiko Black Pearl cart
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    Emotiva Pro AIRMOTIV4 powered monitors, JBL L65 Jubal Speakers, 2x Hafler P1000 amps running in bridged mono

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  1. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1fwEAz2hAXSNwIfFTTsbz_ce4g8zhBLut?usp=sharing
  2. Ryan Adams and the Cardinals Don Was is a brilliant bass player.
  3. happy birthday brent! You should definitely have a biscuit today, the rest of the world be damned
  4. how is that related to dan clark audio?
  5. The question is are you a shill for topping for free, or do they pay you?
  6. saw the Taj Mahal Quartet in a small theater in knoxville last night. It was fantastic. If my recording turned out I'll post it soon. https://archive.org/details/tm-20230416.4015gs.d-01t-16
  7. i have a candidate for my next coffee sale. it’s a rwandan that i’m getting blueberry out of. it’s not the immediate buy from me the last one was but i’m hopeful for how the week after roasting will turn out
  8. if it’s the same motor as the niche zero, it won’t be powerful enough. it already bogs down on light roasts.
  9. that’s essentially what the decent machine is
  10. i bet if you asked them your family would happily replace you with a new espresso machine.
  11. isn’t that how you find dates?
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