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  1. grawk


    A norwegian show dubbed to english on netflix. I just watched episode 1 and it’s good.
  2. I only recognize 6 of those names total, and think I've heard 3 of them.
  3. I got that zu dl103, and turns out I don't have the tone arm weight, so I ordered something I hope will work. If anyone has a Sony PS-X600 tonearm sub weight, lemme know
  4. disabling safeties is the first step I take with a mower that doesn't get spark
  5. yeah, I started out with their ORTF mic, the mstc44, then several changes later had a film sound setup (vms02 preamp with mk21h and mk8, and an apogee ad500). I got busted with that setup once stealth, and the guy who busted me was confused how I snuck it all into the club
  6. back when I did most of my concert recording, I used a schoeps mid/side rig. Boy I miss that setup.
  7. it depends a lot on what you're recording, the sound of the room, and what works best for the mics in particular. For recording in a studio space, I don't think I'd use a stereo bar, I think I'd just experiment with where you place the mic stands... ORTF, DIN, XY, Spaced Omni...
  8. I just make about an ounce more than I want, and pour slowly, when using a french press.
  9. grawk


    I loved the movie, I'll have to give it a shot
  10. that explains all the recent izotope sales...
  11. I'd think you'd still lose the oils because it's still a paper filter
  12. that's some good marketing. I'm lucky if I put the name on the bags
  13. happy birthday you fuckign commie
  14. LeverCraft coffee in Austin got hurt by the recent freeze and needs to raise money. As a result, they’re selling a fantastic coffee for significantly less than they normally would. Please consider buying some: https://levercraftcoffee.com/products/single-origin-colombia-las-perlitas
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