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  1. Recorded Lauren Morrow (opener) and Drivin' N' Cryin' in knoxville last night: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/15Zw1nDmJ24ryqVEC6sXIEIlZPB1UkD-e?usp=share_link
  2. my math on beans is VERY different than most, I'd bet. It's gotta be a pretty special bean for me to buy it at retail, or even half off retail.
  3. it’s a sad story but 6 month old coffee is pretty old already.
  4. if you have a bottomless portafilter, does the stream consolidate into a single stream or is it a shower or multiple streams? It's probably crumbling because you're getting better extraction. Watch the pour, and stop it a little after you get blonding, and you should have a good shot. Experiment with that and find out where your sweet spot is for flavor.
  5. One thing to know about the niche: the numbers are only really useful as an internal reference, because they're entirely dependent on how you calibrated it.
  6. the brush if I start noticing retention. Not very often.
  7. What grinder are you using? 15 seconds is quick enough it sounds like you aren't getting enough extraction. I'd recommend a LOT finer, but taste is what matters, so...
  8. https://smile.amazon.com/What-About-Bob/dp/B0B8TGMJQB/ref=sr_1_1/?crid=OE4CJZLQ8GWM&keywords=peripheral&qid=1668606329&sprefix=peripheral%2Caps%2C210&sr=8-1 It's one of my favorite books, and the series lacks some of the depth, but is still well executed and worth watching.
  9. it's ok to read a thread from nearly a decade ago and not comment
  10. I wouldn't worry too much about extraction times that are under a minute. The main reason for the 30 second rule is for speed making drinks for a cafe. Worry more about how it tastes.
  11. I can control temperature (by purging the steamer), pre-infusion (how long I let it fill), delay (how long I hold the lever before letting the spring work), and time (how long til I swap the cup for the dump pitcher) on my machine. Steam I control completely tho, and the machine has amazing steam. I honestly haven't noticed a difference with any tamp pressure as long as it's "enough".
  12. I don’t recommend necro-posting for your second post.
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