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    Married Father of 4, Former Taper, Recovering Deadhead, Life long Prankster
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  1. Bill Walton, basketball player and famous deadhead
  2. To be fair, carpet baggers did a number on the south.
  3. a friend of mine played a small part on House of Cards and never told stories but he REALLY doesn’t like Spacey.
  4. that is why I roast my own coffee and make my own espresso
  5. Not to my knowledge. That seems like it’d be problematic.
  6. I know some people "age" the beans in like rum or bourbon bottles, but I imagine things like sweet cream and vanilla flavors are added chemically. Or they picked beans that just naturally have those flavor notes.
  7. I exchanged some coffee with someone with an ikawa once, and I was impressed with the complexity of flavors it achieved. That said, my roaster isn't much more complicated, once you've dialed in your recipe. And I can roast a lot more coffee at once.
  8. i mean, it’s not any of the things it advertises. most home roasters can handle 300g, mine easily does 1kg. if you want 1 touch roasting the ikawa seems good
  9. there were 3 others and a ferrari out of frame. Random monday at 1:30 in Robbinsville, NC
  10. I enjoyed the Sarah Jarosz show i saw recently. Friday, I went and saw JJ Grey and Mofro at the Shed in Maryville. It was good for what it was, even tho I wasn't in the mood for it. I stuck it out for the recording, which I think turned out ok: https://archive.org/details/mofro2024-04-26
  11. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1HO8e85DwrvA_BJq_Fck4j_iqTMR2odbc?usp=sharing
  12. Happy birthday Jeffy!
  13. that’s better than anything i could do
  14. most likely it was put there on behalf of a nation level actor in order to ensure access when needed. It wouldn't be the first time, although it would be the first one I knew for an apple product.
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