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  1. I used the niche, the ode is in the camper at the moment
  2. The luongo had better body and similar flavor. Definitely an improvement.
  3. Definitely not cloying. Very subtle. I'm not a refined enough palate (especially scent) to be much more specific.
  4. I just made a 15x15 pourover of the levercraft yemenia qima alchemy. It's definitely NOT my favorite cup ever, but it's pretty interesting. Very floral and bright, without the sharp acidity that usually accompanies light roasts. The aroma, both of the beans and the cup, is fantastic. The body is light, I may go for a higher ratio next time, or maybe even luongo espresso.
  5. It's similar consistency and retention. It definitely doesn't do espresso, tho.
  6. I guess that wasn't quite the right thread. It's not a tv show. Oh well.
  7. by their lineup I'm assuming you mean their intel lineup. Because the m1 laptops are brilliant.
  8. i’ve had dozens of yemeni coffees that were all over the map.
  9. I certainly don't use dark roast for espresso. Concentrated burnt flavor isn't my jam.
  10. I'm looking forward to it. It's certainly more expensive than the best gesha I've had, but I wanted to try it.
  11. i have yemenia coming from him. I’m looking forward to it.
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