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  1. I 100% don't give a shit if you're a newbie to the hobby.
  2. holy shit, I think I need to newbie lock for a couple days.
  3. A friend's brother spent 1 tour in afghanistan as a medevac pilot stationed at the swedish army hospital in country.
  4. please read your welcome message again.
  5. it's a TLDR newbie magnet
  6. looks like the main difference is multiroom, get the sr5011, if 100 watts is enough power.
  7. Oh, I bet he gets to practice his medic skills in Q school.
  8. That's cool. I did a little reading after I posted that, and it looks like they did mix things up a bit. I imagine he's driven enough to succeed, which will be a major accomplishment.
  9. if it's the one that was listed for sale, he claimed it was filburt who did the mod. I can't imagine his work would be as bad as that, so I'd take that as misrepresentation.
  10. I didn't realize there was a graduation in the middle. They've rearranged things a bit, I guess.
  11. what brent said. It credits later.
  12. I don't know, maybe if you use a different email address?
  13. ($10 off for me and you)
  14. fuckin' eh, that's awesome
  15. yup, he was a guard. That was long before they were a significant team, however.