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  1. ran the nolichucky gorge yesterday. Way more river than I'm particularly ready for, but I made some class IV rapids successfully. Was on a 10' dagger torrent, a whitewater sit on top, so it was partially easy mode, but also crazy hard to work in the technical areas. I swam a LOT, and the shallow areas were a nightmare. But I did it. We initially were gonna run the lower part of the river, a class 2/3 with lots of flat water, so we all brought longer boats, then the level of the gorge was right, so we did it. I'm sore as hell today.
  2. funny thing is, if I had to only have 1 type of coffee, I'd probably want it to be something I felt like continuously fiddling with. It'd at least keep it interesting.
  3. those are titles i made up for auto advancement over a decade ago and they never showed up anywhere. No idea why they do now.
  4. paddled the Nantahala again today... went in like billy bad ass oops, course correction time ouch, fuck
  5. driving back from Nantahala today on the dragon, I saw a cobra doing laps. I didn't realize they cornered that well, so it's possible it's a modern reproduction with good suspension, but it was amazing.
  6. rode the dragon today
  7. are the speakers facing so their back is toward the mic'ed amp? Barring that, maybe a feedback destroyer to cheat.
  8. USA Nationals are in oak ridge this week.
  9. took my daughters kayaking for the first time yesterday.
  10. american you are maybe not?
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