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  1. That really sucks. They're regularly recommended on home-barista.
  2. I am sufficiently happy with this morning’s oat milk cortado. It’s a nicaraguan limoncillo ethiosar roasted medium light.
  3. So far, I'm happy with the Strega, with no bad shots pulled (out of 8). I'm not convinced I can pull a better shot with it than with the decent, so eventually I'll put them side by side and see.
  4. i thought the problem with making it stepless is then it's more likely to drift
  5. my lever machine showed up. There were some initial indications of it’s italian heritage, but once I disassembled it and connected the pressurestat, I was able to pull a tasty, tho slightly long, shot my first try.
  6. according to google translate top line 2.0 CH is english, 2nd line is japanese
  7. I'm 99% going to get a Bezzera Strega. I just asked whole latte love to price match amazon.
  8. yeah i’d rather just leave whatever permanently set up
  9. It's kinda the opposite of the DE, so I'll have covered all the bases.
  10. I'm currently playing mentally with the idea of a spring lever machine. Since I don't want to move espresso machines between my house and my girlfriend's house twice a week, I'm tempted to get a spring machine for the girlfriend's house.
  11. coffee in a grocery store is often fairly old. You just lose the more subtle flavors as it ages.
  12. I solved that by having a grinder, an electric kettle and a french press at my desk, back when that was my schedule. I'd probably do pourover today.
  13. the only non-cow milk I've found to be successful for microfilm is "barista" oat milk
  14. I wouldn't take any of my coffee stuff on a plane, but if I'm driving, there's room for a grinder, for sure.
  15. I dunno, it's not that big or heavy, especially for the quality.
  16. the handle looks cooler, obv. The one on the left might allow for more precise latte art.
  17. went kayaking today, first time kayaking in december. It was 67 degrees.
  18. i’m looking for a set of boost 29” wheels for my 27+ bike too. Today i bought a trek crossrip and a wahoo kicker snap off marketplace (mostly for the wahoo so i can ride indoors with the girlfriend)
  19. I know they closed the coffee shop last month but he said he was going to focus on the bean and grinder sales. Hopefully he comes back online.
  20. ok, sounds fantastic then
  21. That nomad seems to have a pressurized portafilter. Seems like a good alternative to an aeropress for travel, but not an upgrade over most home machines.
  22. They don't currently sell the DE1+ tho, the DE1 Pro is the cheapest machine they sell anymore, so $3500 is the minimum entry, plus you'll want a bluetooth scale with that, as well.
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