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  1. that's where old people eat. Also
  2. And I did it, made the whole middle ocoee, ran mostly the normal difficult lines, and stayed upright.
  3. Light roast subtle coffees benefit a LOT from pourover with temperature control or well done espresso. Heavier bodied coffees and darker roasts are absolutely dandy from a french press.
  4. Made it onto the Ocoee this weekend. It was the "easy" section, and a short day, but still a good time. I'm going to try for the whole middle section in 2 weeks.
  5. you helped make this a community, and you're missed
  6. Try a ratio of 1:2.4 with that machine and see what you think...
  7. Casio makes some pretty good digital pianos in that price range, and it's possible to find a kawai, roland, or yamaha digital piano under a grand if you find someone who's had head trauma...
  8. no worries. it’s for a whitewater canoe that will kill me.
  9. I have a use for this if you still have it. Shipping to 37801...
  10. have you tried samsung technical support, or the store you bought it from? This is a private club filled with assholes, not a support forum.
  11. does anyone not use $2k iems?
  12. saw PFunk and Dopapod last night
  13. I'm still don't regret selling off my high end rigs after getting the JH13s all these years later.
  14. I've solved the "outlet for cooking with wood" problem with a ryobi battery pack inverter. For low draw things it will run a really long time, using batteries I already had because I use a ton of ryobi one+ tools.
  15. maybe timely: https://www.engadget.com/best-laptops-120008636.html
  16. it runs on an m1 mac. I'd think a top of the line m1 macbook pro would be faster than most windows boxes if she can put up with that. Otherwise I'd look at a Lenovo X1 Carbon
  17. @justinis here, you can ask him if he'd do a bhse with normal and pro. I think the guy that does moljnir audio is here too, he might be willing.
  18. Old Bisbee has the mysore nuggets back in stock
  19. https://www.headamp.com/products/blue-hawaii-se?variant=28220574924864&gclid=Cj0KCQjwyMiTBhDKARIsAAJ-9VsOcJEu3DCE1WNKh7YjzyHGeT1DxwcEYZ9y4ti_17VsqWFnbx2BF-4aAoSbEALw_wcB
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