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  1. those things are so weird
  2. That's not entirely bad news, since they're continuing to explore that universe.
  3. Jupiter's Legacy, an interesting take on the Incredibles concept.
  4. lake time before friday’s white water trip
  5. Spent the day on the bike followed by a little kayaking. Went to copperhill, tn on the bike.
  6. didn’t get the mamba, guy never replied. Did get the juice. i’ll have to get better to use that.
  7. that'd be a great combination. I get that. Cajun food rarely looks amazing.
  8. I bought a kayak yesterday, and may be buying 2 more today. Yesterday: Dagger Torrent 10.0 (pick it up next weekend) Today: Dagger Juice 7.1, Dagger Mamba 8.6 (probably on both)
  9. most of the joy in Jeff's life comes from complaining about nice things
  10. grawk


    A norwegian show dubbed to english on netflix. I just watched episode 1 and it’s good.
  11. I only recognize 6 of those names total, and think I've heard 3 of them.
  12. I got that zu dl103, and turns out I don't have the tone arm weight, so I ordered something I hope will work. If anyone has a Sony PS-X600 tonearm sub weight, lemme know
  13. disabling safeties is the first step I take with a mower that doesn't get spark
  14. yeah, I started out with their ORTF mic, the mstc44, then several changes later had a film sound setup (vms02 preamp with mk21h and mk8, and an apogee ad500). I got busted with that setup once stealth, and the guy who busted me was confused how I snuck it all into the club
  15. back when I did most of my concert recording, I used a schoeps mid/side rig. Boy I miss that setup.
  16. it depends a lot on what you're recording, the sound of the room, and what works best for the mics in particular. For recording in a studio space, I don't think I'd use a stereo bar, I think I'd just experiment with where you place the mic stands... ORTF, DIN, XY, Spaced Omni...
  17. I just make about an ounce more than I want, and pour slowly, when using a french press.
  18. grawk


    I loved the movie, I'll have to give it a shot
  19. that explains all the recent izotope sales...
  20. I'd think you'd still lose the oils because it's still a paper filter
  21. that's some good marketing. I'm lucky if I put the name on the bags
  22. happy birthday you fuckign commie
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