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  1. happy birthday brent! You should definitely have a biscuit today, the rest of the world be damned
  2. how is that related to dan clark audio?
  3. The question is are you a shill for topping for free, or do they pay you?
  4. saw the Taj Mahal Quartet in a small theater in knoxville last night. It was fantastic. If my recording turned out I'll post it soon. https://archive.org/details/tm-20230416.4015gs.d-01t-16
  5. i have a candidate for my next coffee sale. it’s a rwandan that i’m getting blueberry out of. it’s not the immediate buy from me the last one was but i’m hopeful for how the week after roasting will turn out
  6. if it’s the same motor as the niche zero, it won’t be powerful enough. it already bogs down on light roasts.
  7. that’s essentially what the decent machine is
  8. i bet if you asked them your family would happily replace you with a new espresso machine.
  9. isn’t that how you find dates?
  10. I’ve been using the new grinder for 2 days now. I haven’t compared it directly to the niche, I’ve just put it into my morning routine. It took 1 shot to dial it in, and since then, I’ve been quite happy. With my coffee (brazilian medium roast) 18.5 g in 40 g out from my Brezzera Strega lever machine I’ve been quite happy.
  11. 14 years later. This might be a record
  12. It's always kayaking season, I've gone 6 times so far this year...
  13. I just bought the fellow opus to compare to the niche zero. Hopefully the niche will be for sale soon.
  14. I can say that 20 year old cassettes sound a WHOLE LOT better than 20 year old dats.
  15. grawk


    I got started with portable cassette (Marantz PMD-430 and sony D3). What are you looking into recording, and what's your budget?
  16. grawk


    What does your recording chain look like? I have several variations of rigs I use to record live music: Recorders: Sound Devices Mixpre 10-ii, Zoom F3, DPA d:vice (not really a recorder) Mics: DPA 4061s, DPA 4015gs, and soon Neumann KK14s with custom (thanks JF) active cable mounts Editing: logic pro with RX 9 and Ozone 10
  17. Recently I've recorded: Primus Bruce Hornsby George Clinton with P-Funk Drivin' N Cryin' Gov't Mule
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