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  1. I'd think you'd still lose the oils because it's still a paper filter
  2. that's some good marketing. I'm lucky if I put the name on the bags
  3. happy birthday you fuckign commie
  4. LeverCraft coffee in Austin got hurt by the recent freeze and needs to raise money. As a result, they’re selling a fantastic coffee for significantly less than they normally would. Please consider buying some: https://levercraftcoffee.com/products/single-origin-colombia-las-perlitas
  5. I was never sure how fryes continued to exist. Even 20 years ago they were a disaster.
  6. thanks everyone. It was a good day. Now the long slow slide down the other side of 50 begins.
  7. I'm not actually a real person, so I could be DannyB in disguise
  8. Spinning disks die, go with whatever has the best warranty It's all luck of the draw if you get one that fails early. I'm under an NDA about some things, but even some of the highest regarded drives have underlying hardware issues, and they just count on statistics to handle the cost of the fallout.
  9. they were such a good band
  10. raid 0 scares me, but that's because 90% of my job is replacing failing hard drives.
  11. if you pu 2 4TB drives in a raid 1, it's a 4 TB backup volume
  12. Death - ...for the whole world to see an undiscovered black punk band from detroit. subject of the documentary “a band called Death”
  13. they did that for me at the Chinese restaurant
  14. raid 10 and raid 1 should have exactly the same protection penalty...
  15. https://eshop.macsales.com/item/OWC/TB3QMLR00GB/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=shoppingengine&utm_campaign=googlebase&gclid=Cj0KCQiA4L2BBhCvARIsAO0SBdb5BSgSmBEGm-IPYygyH-m1jXLpxyERLVJwj0SEISfypAVvIa1m61EaAlVKEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds
  16. happy birthday Steve!
  17. I made etouffée, but didn't take pictures. Then I drank heavily and watched true blood til I passed out.
  18. you'll never regret having a 240v circuit in your garage. Have them put in 2, while they're doing it.
  19. https://levercraftcoffee.com/products/levercraft-ultra-grinder For the budget minded version of that.
  20. I'm still a fan of my niche grinder. Tho occasionally I have to pull the K30 back out of storage, for particularly hard light roasted coffee.
  21. is that one of the active arm denons, like the Sony biotracers? I've heard good things about those. *edit nope, according to google. Sorry for your loss.
  22. who are you trying to convince? Did you post it elsewhere too so that it wasn’t a complete waste of time and effort?
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