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  1. Sure thing. How will the sound differ between these two amps? I'm specifically interested in the highs and how they influence the soundstage. I'd like to somehow bring that floating voice a smidge closer or give it more body.
  2. I did and what I got out of that was pretty good and great for the WA6 and B22 respectively. Was hoping for a little more.
  3. Hey all, sorry to add yet another HD800 amp thread but I'm really on the fence on what amp I should try next for my rig. My current setup is: Northstar M192 MK1 -> Gilmore Lite + DPS -> HD800 I'm currently interested in either getting a used Wooaudio 6 with the power supply upgrade and sophia tube or grabbing a 3 channel B22 kit from glass jar audio. Let's set a budget of around 800 for other suggestions. Any suggestions or opinions would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. Nope. I'll have to pick one up. Got any suggestions? I only care about 2 channels if that helps budgetwise.
  5. Are these a good buy at 380 used? I'm actually trying to save up for the HD800 but speakers have been on my mind recently. I probably won't be able to preorder if I get these but that gives me time to see the reviews I guess. Since a lot of you have experience, could I get some information on how it will sound compared with the HD600/W5000? I'm running them out of flac/Musichall CD25, Northstar M192 and Gilmore Lite with DPS. thanks
  6. Nope. I was actually hoping that he would like them since I'm very interested in getting a pair. I was poking at the people who were waiting for his reactions because they thought the other early impressions were too enthusiastic or whatever.
  7. Edwood just posted his impressions on the other site. Guess the hype machine keeps on trucking, eh?
  8. I didn't mean that literally. I'm not even sure how you could invest in headphones and actually come out ahead. I guess I should be safe from Senn upgrades for a while if I do indeed get these.
  9. I have no problem spending 1400 for these but how long will this investment last me? I'll be rather annoyed if they come around in 2 years and introduce the HD800.5 with 50% more awesome plastic or something.
  10. Damnit. And I just got my W5000's three days ago.
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