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  1. Have a great Birthday Dan
  2. Hi Dusty - What type of Bourbon's do you like? I'll be happy to recommend some to you. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving too!
  3. Aloha Al. Great to hear from you too! I'm happy that everyone is doing well here. I'll definitely stick around as I missed you guys. Have a Happy thanksgiving to you and your family too! Continuing with John Lennon.
  4. Been away to long... Hope everyone is doing well "You may say I'm a dreamerBut I'm not the only oneI hope some day you'll join usAnd the world will be as one" Happy Thanksgiving Head Case peeps!
  5. John Lennon Signature Box Set Excited since I do have all the MFSL CDs. Didn't check out the johnlennon.com universe stuff yet but curious about it since it is limited to the box set to have access.
  6. Thanks Al! I'm happy too. Been busy with a ton of things, but doing well! Have a Happy Halloween to you and yours!!!
  7. John Lennon - Double Fantasy Remastered with Stripped version
  8. John Lennon - Double Fantasy Remastered and Stripped version
  9. Have a Happy B-day. Hope you have a good one
  10. Aloha Everyone . Thank you very much for the birthday wishes. I had a wonderful birthday today. Went to a smaller version of Sea World in Hawaii called Sea Life Park. My son absolutely loved. He is 4 and seeing dolphins jumping up real high with sea lion dances made his day. We even got to feed honu (turtle in Hawaiian) and sea lions up close. I always would see the trainers throw the fishes at the sea lions, but to do it in person and with my son was a joy. Then we had a great dinner. We got a free appetizer and dessert to boot. It was one of the best Birthday's ever. On a different note I missed you guys too. I just started my IT consulting business full time. I was doing it part time for over seven years with my day job and then now that I am doing my business full time I am busier then before. I am really happy and inspired every day and wouldn't have it any other way. I do think about you guys a lot since the music that I listen too has been directly influenced by the family I come to know and love. Thank you once again and sending you a warm Aloha from Hawaii.
  11. I have both and I really like Perfect Browser. It is like having Firefox on your Ipad. Also you don't have to reload the tabs once you have all of them loaded (unless of course you close the app). In Safari if you minimize a tab and bring one in focus, and then try to bring back the other tab you minimize it will need to reload it again. Overall it is a great app.
  12. Hey Steve . We have corresponded via PM several times and I wish I've gotten to meet you and everyone one day at a future CanJam. I admire your courage and am honored/touched that you have shared your experiences with us. I have friends that are gay and they have struggled with the nonacceptance from society and with family. I'm happy for you Steve. I'm also happy for Shelly too
  13. Happy Belated B-day . Hope it was a good one
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