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  1. Yes I do I got my hands on the "DEMO ONLY NOT FOR SALE" unit the Distributor had for a recent Show here in Madrid. I got my hands on it and for some reason it went into my backpack and home... two weeks testing before the inevitable call arrived asking WOH was the Mini... Short version: very nice unit, I want at least one to replace one of my Touch'es, maybe more. Long version, I have to say good things and some not so good (but nothing wrong), let's see in reverse order those: -you NEED an iThing to activate/setup it (reset=hotspot connection to its WiFi ONLY with iPhone/
  2. Mmm... what do you have and what do you miss? HDTracks, Linn Records, Deutsche Grammophon... there are options. Try here too: High Resolution Music DOWNLOAD services Cheers Josep
  3. Must say anyway I was not dumb all this time liking my G08, and 588 is not far neither
  4. It is a nice piece of gear, and it even sounds good. The box is very very very big, and there is a lot of air inside: this air and the damn 'apodising' thing is probably what makes it sound so sweet I decided on it also to use as DAC and preamp (yes it is '3 in 1' but not exactly at Best Buy price... yups), had almost no time yet to enjoy but so far I almost forgot the hole in my pocket...
  5. Ok, new in this thread, but with a somewhat big thing: Meridian 808.2i arrived here (and, hey, it IS BIG!!).
  6. AFAIK no 'interesting' new products from Sony, not in EU at least. They upgraded the 5400 receiver to 5500: it just ads DLNA capacity, new HD-DCS sound modes (not as useful as ther classic ones btw) and everything else is exactly the same as per 5400. I liked how the SACD and receiver sounded together (5400 units) with HDMI-HATS activated, but this looks very much like another good technology 'show' that no one else will care about. Pioneer and Denon have their own 'ways' to make HDMI connections sound better with music too, off course all different and incompatible... The SACD 5400 by i
  7. I do have a Prodigy Cube working fine since many months ago... bad luck Curra??
  8. Advice: if you are happy with this Marantz and most likely it will be 'your last optical player' (because your next player will be hard disk/server/flash memory) then buy TWO of the mentioned spare parts and keep the second one on a safe place.
  9. Congrats Padam! To make sure you do not do something wrong, just check input resistance with a simple polimeter before and after the V change: must be 4x afterwards on every transformer (same primaries wired parallel for 110V, are wired now series for 220V).
  10. +1, must add sometimes they publish great pics with more detail than elsewere... helpful when you want to know if the gear is easy to switch to another mains voltage operation Otherways, lots of letters and no useful info. As said, like a long presentation...
  11. I heard of many people having this same problems on this same Marantz, sorry. You better call Marantz with an angry voice: sometimes some companies do have good customer service even if waranty is over... Josep PD. If all above does not work, well, you know what to do: throw it !
  12. Yups, remember the Parasound does not go higher than 48kHz: you can use a simpler adapter with it (even put inside the case to avoid one more connection), there are many around based on the 270X chips for around $30. The beauty of this "Taralab" (sic) is going up to 96kHz with no drivers. The beauty of the HiFace looks to lie on its layout and clocks.
  13. This one, "Taralabs"... Native 24bit 96k USB to Spdif I2S Converter for DAC - eBay (item 270517709517 end time Feb-17-10 17:30:38 PST) ... but I read "Teralabs". Whatever, it does use the Tenor chip, like the Prodigy Cube I am using now, but it is a simpler desing (no DAC inside so no line outs and no headphone out) with the option of off-board power supply. I am happy with my unit (does native 24/96 and changes the sampling frequency on the fly with foobar) save for a problem with some 24/88'2 files (does not recognise the 88'2 fq). But "no drivers" makes me happy... Anyone to tes
  14. I have a Buffalo (not 32, ESS9008 chip on mine) and IMHO you can raise the bar to double that (if not more). I like it way more than my Benchmark DAC1 Pre (Pre version and pre-moddded), I like it more than my now modded Benchy, I like it more than any sub$500 DAC I had (many chinese things both original and modded, and the MF V-DAC and the CA Dacmagic) and, yes, I liked it more than my beloved piece of Pass Art (aka D1 original with pcm63s). Just to name a few The onyl 'special' thing on my Buffalo (besides careful assembly and cabling blablah) is I used a spare Sigma22 I had around for th
  15. No idea about the UA thing, but I had an Adcom GCD700 (multi-disc player using Denon mechanics, BB filter and 1702 DACs) and was pretty decent. No exotic caps in sight (I changed them all) but the original opamps were a custom version of OPA77s, not bad.
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