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  1. I started a response to the capacity debate a little while ago but was interrupted by work... I think the feature I enjoy the most on the iPhone 4 is the camera/video capture. Coupled with the display and I have very portable solution for capturing the kids doing kid things and then I'm able to show the pictures and videos to friends. I bought the 32gb and as of this morning I have 12gb free. Although, I do have the phone loaded with music and Handbrake movies. I could probably get by with 16gb but I would be syncing and moving files more.
  2. I have the cheap purple one from monoprice you can have for the cost of shipping.
  3. This site claims they will make you an ST to Toslink cable: SILFLEX Glass Toslink MiniPlug Digital Audio Optical Cables, ST, Mini Plug, Duplex and Armored No idea on the cost or company reputation though. An expensive option is to get a Digital Lens that will do the conversion for you. Toslink -> DL -> ST Optical -> Parasound.
  4. Braun 760cc My old Braun decided to go nuts this morning and I figured after 12 years I could upgrade to newer technology.
  5. Anyone else having email issues with OS 4? When I have the "Organize by Thread" functioned turned on I keep getting phantom emails placed into exisiting groups. For example, if I have 3 emails from someone that are group into one item with a '3' next to it (and I have other groups of emails with varying #'s as well). I'll check email and it will tell me that I downloaded 2 emails but they won't be new. I'll look and the email group with '3' before will now be '4' but there is no 4th email. The other "new" email will get put into another group. Only way I can get the phone to correctly display
  6. How is the hole in case for the headphone jack? I'm still searching for a JH13 connector friendly case.
  7. Nice Colin. Anyone have a caliper and JH13's handy? I need the diameter of the base of the plug (circle of plastic). Best I can get with a ruler is ~8mm.
  8. Maybe you're holding it wrong?
  9. Interesting article: Apple's iPhone 4: Thoroughly Reviewed - AnandTech :: Your Source for Hardware Analysis and News
  10. I guess I could but the case tolerances are tight. No telling how it will look afterwards either. I was planning on picking up a case eventually this just shortens search timeframe. That previously linked bamboo case looks cool. I sent an email to the guys, if the standard case hole size won't work I hope they can do a custom one for me.
  11. Amendment to my previous post: Apple Bumper = FAIL, JH13 cannot be plugged in with the bumper installed. Time to look for another case.
  12. Here are some thoughts on 4 vs 3G after a day or so of use: Screen: Absolutely stunning. I watched about 15 minutes of the Bourne Identity (ripped via Handbrake using the old iPhone setting) and I was blown away. I thought the movie looked great on my 3G. I can easily pick out the non-OS 4 app icons as they look like shit compared to the new icons. I haven't tried any games yet but I'm looking forward to it. Battery life: I fully charged the phone after I got home from the store yesterday (~10am) and I haven't plugged it in since. I'm now at ~50% battery. I've been surfing on 3G (30 min
  13. 5 gallons of Paint 2 gallons of Primer Drop cloths Painter Tape Patching Plaster 9" Roller Paint Brushes Bathroom Faucet 528 sq ft feet of carpet + installation Its going to be a fun week
  14. Just talked to a guy at my local store and confirmed my reservation. He looked it up by my name so no confirmation number, etc. I also confirmed that the store will be able to look up my upgrade status and my price will be adjusted correctly. Of course I won't know how well this process will work until the 24th and given the way yesterday went it may not happen smoothly.
  15. I plan on calling right after 8am when support opens.
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