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  1. Also no reason to watch... Jim before the drugs
  2. No reason for anyone to watch these unless it's already in your history (I know so for some members) or you're curious of Star Trek alternatives. Important to remember Martin Landau rejected being Spock to take over this "Kirk". The much bigger change was UFO to Space:1999.
  3. So how much are the Drop HD8XXs worth now?
  4. Interesting that Sonova sounds a little Etymotics-like, who sold their consumer audio business recently.
  5. Maybe Sonova can better help that guy in Sound of Metal now?
  6. As with most lists the order is all fucked up, but a lot of gems next time you’re looking for something to watch. https://www.rollingstone.com/tv/tv-lists/best-tv-sitcoms-1162237/schitts-creek-2015-2020-1163263/
  7. They thought this was a wonderful photograph?
  8. Took a break from work to empty and scrub clean the kitty litter box. Put it on the patio to dry and when I returned some birds had used it for target practice. 🤦‍♂️
  9. jesus and mary chain - stoned and dethroned
  10. I know nothing about them, but already interested in Goth Babe and Nap Eyes.
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