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  1. The Spectacular Failure of the Star Wars Hotel
  2. As I was asked in the consumer thread, the Light Lens Lab 1966 (Leica’s original 50mm f/1.2 ASPH Noctilux recreation) arrived two days ago. Probably wrong to pick up the brass version for solid weightiness, because it’s very solid and very weighty, but feels great in the hand when not mounted. Kind of the opposite of the modern CV 50mm Nokton f/1.0 in traits and balance. Accurate in all the 60s fast lens grand imperfections. And I mean all of them. Some disappear as you close down. These are all toss away snaps shot too wide open for the effect, but work is going to keep me busy for a bit and figured I’d post a few slightly exposure tweaked SOOO jpgs from a SL (typ 601) now. Great potential.
  3. 😉 I’m sure. It looks to be the basic hardware design Panasonic released six years ago (and discontinued four years later). Likely a different lens though. I’m sure it’s still a fantastic camera, just priced a little high. I still have the LX5 and like it quite a bit.
  4. Leica responds with their answer (or... Panasonic's old answer) and a m43 sensor camera Also rumored to come in various colors. https://www.reddotforum.com/content/2024/05/leica-d-lux-8-compact-camera-announced
  5. I dunno. I wouldn't necessarily undervalue the LUT move here, especially with the successes of Fuji generally and X100 specifically, but yeah we're at the point where most models are good enough and it's personal desires greatly weighing differently now. In this space it's pretty much Sigma's fp, with the same electronic shutter, no easy flash, and no built in EVF. Maybe Sony’s ZV-E1, which we have at work, again similar limitations and great at video, but surprisingly sucky at photography. I suspect, based on the X100 success, most buyers, especially those not already trained to suffer, would put accurate WB and default colors over many features, but this is has been a long battle among manufactures. Panny's choice, from a stills perspective anyway, is a novel one and they’re trying to end/minimize editing. It seems to take Fuji's approach further as it does the Oly Pen-F color control knob. Or anyway that's how I see it, at least until we find out how limiting that electronic shutter is. EDIT: I just spent an hour defending the potential of the S9 over on Threads ("most pointless cameras to be released in recent times", etc.), so clearly in the minority here. 🫣
  6. The Panasonic S9 is kind of interesting. Just watched the live intro and they're really stressing the color grade in camera (thru LUTs with a dedicated button) and share immediately. Two new lenses (pancake included free with camera some package deals) also focused on size and slow apertures for snaps. No mechanical shutter though. Not sure if mimicking phone publishing speed will make it less desirable to also carry or bridge the quality jump, but will be interesting to watch. The reviews seem already split on this question.
  7. Worth a listen... The Disastrous Relationship Between Israel, Palestinians and the U.N. or your favorite podcast app
  8. Battles are just starting... https://petapixel.com/2024/05/20/asmp-calls-out-adobe-for-its-shocking-dismissal-of-photography/
  9. I wonder how many of these there are?
  10. A lot of Holocaust denial seemingly doesn't really question the larger events, but tries to chips away through doubt on lesser specifics (numbers slightly off or how they apply to different groups, log errors, legality issues, even "justifications" due to Germany's financial state post-WWI, etc.). I'd caution against doing similar dismissals when claims like genocide are made now.
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