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  1. 'Curly' Neal, Harlem Globetrotters ball-handling legend, dies at 77
  2. Fables of the Reconstruction is the best!* *REM considers it their worst.
  3. Terrence McNally, four-time Tony Award-winning playwright, dies of coronavirus complications https://www.thedailybeast.com/terrence-mcnally-tony-award-winning-playwright-dies-of-complications-due-to-coronavirus-at-81
  4. Ahhh, Rogers was a photographer too. https://petapixel.com/2020/03/23/the-late-kenny-rogers-was-a-fantastic-photographer/
  5. The Great Empty: Photographs by The New York Times
  6. One small upside of the coronavirus is it helped me catch up on Better Call Saul.
  7. And exit Kenny Rogers. RIP.
  8. Hope it’s a wonderful dry cough-free, fever-free, and booze-filled day.
  9. People are still coding for IE? Can you use Opera to identify itself in the user-agent as IE? Not sure if that is still an option.
  10. blessingx


    For those still buying audio gear, Ety ER4s over as Massdrop/Drop for $199. Along with the Senn HD580s, probably the most rewarding audio purchases of this long ride.
  11. Do we care about new Apple products in days like these? If so, the new iPad Pro looks pretty nice. Merging continues.
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