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  1. They also have a building in the woods in Santa Cruz I stumbled across once.
  2. RIP Juliette Gréco. Actress for/with Jean Cocteau, Ingrid Bergman, Orson Welles and Ava Gardner, muse for Jean-Paul Sartre and Albert Camus, and longtime girlfriend of Miles Davis. That's a life. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-44230634
  3. They've been in and out and I'm a fan, but mostly in box recently due to non-SQ reasons. Shelter-in-place required me to setup a video switcher rig with multiple laptops in their place. In their other place my daughter can't ask the LS50s to play Taylor Swift and she starts. Agree with Steve the imaging is stellar. The earlier version LS50W was looked at as I'm trying to simplify the post-Airport Express/post-Chromecast Audio world in our living room. I don't want to start to deal with local music storage (outside of vinyl) after years of not doing so, and I want video audio to be includ
  4. “Every time I hear a song of his it's like I wish it would last forever.” - Bob Dylan
  5. Man, I really should get my LS50s out of their box.
  6. RIP Sci-Fi Designer Ron Cobb https://www.cinemablend.com/news/2555223/mark-hamill-pays-tribute-to-star-wars-designer-ron-cobb https://film-book.com/ron-cobb-the-artist-behind-star-wars-alien-and-back-to-the-future-has-died-at-83/
  7. Gordon Lightfoot. Pretty much Gordon 24/7 lately.
  8. I almost bought the LS50W a month ago. Now I understand the previous sale prices. Must resist.
  9. A NPR 2013 quick interview with Blue Coast’s Cookie Marenco about the future of high quality audio in a MP3 world. Ends mentioning the promising release of Neil Young’s Pono on the horizon. https://www.npr.org/sections/therecord/2013/09/11/219727031/what-does-a-song-that-costs-5-sound-like
  10. Sorry for you and your family Jeff. Beautiful photo.
  11. Went to a Halloween store with Esmé. They seem pretty optimistic this year is going to be like every other Halloween. Except the big costume for the ladies seems to be Sexy Black Death/Plague Doctor.
  12. Even Trump can’t deny. RIP RBG.
  13. Why does Invision not have a hate emoji?
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