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  1. Really nice Steve. Even better than the great last one.
  2. Charles Webb, Elusive Author of ‘The Graduate,’ Dies at 81 https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/28/books/charles-webb-dead.html?referringSource=articleShare “He had a very odd relationship with money,” said Caroline Dawnay, who was briefly Mr. Webb’s agent in the early 2000s when his novel “New Cardiff” was made into the 2003 movie “Hope Springs,” starring Colin Firth. “He never wanted any. He had an anarchist view of the relationship between humanity and money.” He gave away homes, paintings, his inheritance, even his royalties from “The Graduate,” which became a million-seller after the movie’s success, to the benefit of the Anti-Defamation League. He awarded his 10,000-pound payout from “Hope Springs” as a prize to a performance artist named Dan Shelton, who had mailed himself to the Tate Modern in a cardboard box. At his second wedding to Ms. Rudd — they married in 1962, then divorced in 1981 to protest the institution of marriage, then remarried around 2001 for immigration purposes — he did not give his bride a ring, because he disapproved of jewelry. Ms. Dawnay, the only witness save two strangers pulled in off the street, recalled that the couple walked nine miles to the registry office for the ceremony, wearing the only clothes they owned. Lots of people momentarily embrace the idea of leaving the rat race, like the characters in “The Graduate.” Mr. Webb and Ms. Rudd did it, with all the consequences it entailed. If they regretted the choice, they did not say so. “When you run out of money it’s a purifying experience,” Mr. Webb told The Times of London after the couple moved to England. “It focuses the mind like nothing else.”
  4. I’m I misreading Dylan’s newest? Feels stronger than just a great record. Like a reflective, encompassing, inclusive goodbye (he’ll outlive us all).
  5. Photographing the Beauty of My Mother’s Decline “My mother doesn’t recognize her reflection, or her own image. Most adults avoid having their picture made. My mother is more childlike in that she has no concern. With my camera, I document the joy and the light of her last years of life — the ways that she circles back home, even as she is leaving.” https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/25/opinion/mother-dementia-photos.html?referringSource=articleShare
  6. blessingx

    Podcast Thread

    I lately alternate between Making Sense and WTF. That way I can laugh and cry. The Times recently had an article Podcasts for the Pandemic Era. Attaching. Podcasts for the Pandemic Era - The New York Times.pdf
  7. Ha. Thanks all for your help. In the end I went with a Magrette Regattare Tiki for a decent price in comparison to the other final choices. New Zealand Post, US Customs, and the local Post Office did everything they could to get it to me by 2024, but it arrived a couple days ago. A little too big, a little too heavy, but uncomplicated.
  8. Olympus selling camera and lens business https://www.amateurphotographer.co.uk/latest/photo-news/breaking-news-olympus-selling-camera-and-lens-business-138123
  9. Rough equivalents? Correct me if I’m misinterpreting, but it sounds like you’re saying Apple is experimenting here without clear long term plans. I’m just wondering when this has happened before? Even a heavily pushed product line they’ve relatively quickly reversed themselves on? The Newton only lasted five years (killed with Jobs return). Anything else?
  10. Looking at Apple history what would be the equivalent of an architecture transition short term phase?
  11. Same here. Also a good rundown on the End of OSX over at the often excellent Stratechery... https://stratechery.com/2020/the-end-of-os-x/
  12. blessingx


    Did you end up getting access to all the episodes?
  13. The little information we do have is Apple expects the transition to take two years and there are some “very exciting Intel-based Macs coming”, so odds lean that every line has another generation coming, no? Course we don’t know the specs. Personally, it would depend on how dependent one is on software that could be slow to upgrade. Fortunately, cloud-based services makes labored enterprise software less an issue that last time, but I still remember my perfectly fine G4 tower no longer getting the good stuff more than any bugs on the subsequent MacBook (besides battery swelling), so sign me up as a guinea pig. Am I the only one feeling old we’re going through a transition again?
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