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  1. Short discovered video footage of Robert Frank discussing aspects of The Americans. You may be interested @Hopstretch (The Americans) and @shellylh (Houston) https://www.blind-magazine.com/stories/exclusive-never-before-seen-video-of-robert-frank/
  2. Another Cameras That Changed Photography Forever list https://petapixel.com/2023/09/30/cameras-that-changed-photography-forever/
  3. I don't really understand why Bobby Bare Jr's Young Criminals' Starvation League (2002) album (soon to be band name) is one of my desert island picks, but it certain is. Ex.
  4. If anyone wants to see the original Canon 1D CCD 4.1 megapixels boring test shots output, see below (bumped up in Topaz’s Photo.ai). You can do a lot with 4MP, but I think I’m more comfortable with “high res” 6MP+. Certainly a step up from the Nikon D1’s 2.7MP. Tweaked on mobile with Snapseed.
  5. ‘Reservation Dogs’ Was a Coming-of-All-Ages Masterpiece Gift article: https://www.nytimes.com/2023/09/27/arts/television/reservation-dogs-finale.html?unlocked_article_code=-KSeQBHDM8s8Yv1nvoY7rpzgAw9eWOG7hyd5fTJg5VOwAwTFXfDBP6YNljB3U9c0hCaza0lMUAl8_vv_kyHiHvMHaGYv2KQM68Zhy7JmfR1m04QuegE4YI-Iw8ldYTsJmjJ8WanmvYqE7Ebf5sAKEBBi4hVzdIpPhLayY9Fmxd2-ArBJB4weFBX2zWlPnVNgK7XLo32_qgwjcVw_UbcjgDeSNMK9tIKTxp9fgc-ZJkV3TZ-YcOElGGXeUlCjBtVH8ltWfeQdINEmtcZrf7-5VGnN-R030ApyHHqxXdidDjC4fqNrCzHota-UJNq-JUm_ObMLO6-nD2c8d4sd5xKfUcEusnM85Yl3&smid=nytcore-ios-share&referringSource=articleShare 
  6. A little push back to the doom scrolling. ‘Are You OK?’ San Francisco Residents Say They Most Certainly Are. San Francisco’s national reputation has plunged since the pandemic began, and many residents say they are frustrated by how their beloved city is being viewed.
  7. blessingx


    Okay, the iFi Signature Finale is now an additional $50 off. I'll just keep posting here until it's free.
  8. A sleepless internet rabbit hole lead me to the early 80s failure One of the Boys. Any chance anyone has heard of it? Micky Rooney gets out of a retirement home to move in to his grandson’s (Dana Carvey) college pad with roommate (Nathan Lane). Double bonus: Scatman Crothers as Rooney’s friend and Meg Ryan as Carvey’s girlfriend. And it’s ahhh somehow not very good. The past is weird.
  9. Thank you once again. Appreciate you getting it back up before the big event. https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/to?msg=Countdown+to+the+Rapture&
  10. 'cause it came out a couple years back, failed, and was called Meta Portal.
  11. https://www.digitaltrends.com/photography/fujifilm-instax-pal-launch/
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