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  1. birgir, are the values the same as frank posted in last page in your 6as4 edgmont? is it just a tube substitution?
  2. ok thanks i ll post in the diy amp thread
  3. hi frank cooter, you said your amp had a pair of resistor loaded 6sn7 s...would it perform well that way? i have a few 6sn7gt(vt-231) lying around and thought i could put them to use. could you provide a schematic? -py
  4. hi all, i ve been enjoying my hybrid exstata for a while but the upgraditis has stiken me recently...especially since i heard it was badly designed by mr cavalli. the good news is that apparently he s was only a couple of parts off. Since i would feel bad selling my kit,knowing it s not really a good bang for buck amp, i thought i could salavage most of it onto a perforated board(i m a bit broken too), as per gilmore s rework: middle of that page... mr gilmore also posted after birgir s layout for a 400V version but then i m not sure how differently sounding it is. maybe there are
  5. yeah i was not sure about the wool as i didnt know this model had to have wool. thanks for pointing this out. dont know if the wool is hard to find or if it can be replaced with something else though. the seller also said the headband was custom made and that he replaced the mylar himself. the guy is nicknamed malldian FYI. he seems honnest as far as i know. he has good feedback and i already bought some headphones from him. the price is 160 shipped. what do you think? i m pretty handy but rely a bit on your knowledge to piece it back as it should be... FT/FS: Stax Lambda 160 plus ship -
  6. hi guys, i would need your expertise regarding a potential purchase. i ve been looking for some stax lambda NB and someone on head-fi has some to sell and says it needs a bit of work like reglueing pads and drivers. the thing is he s unsure how they are supposed to be brand new. so judging from these pictures, is there anything wrong with the lambdas you could notice? Picasa Web Albums - 11697549497371630... - Recently Updated
  7. i think i m also going to breadboard a 24v aikido because i cant find any 24v pcb anywhere, in addition to building the ehha. i read the user guide but cant find the value for r20/21. also do the ss devices suggested sound good? edit: found the value for r20/r21
  8. is the 6sn7 inadequate because it lacks current capability? anyway, as it stands for me it s pretty much a heads or tail situation. so in the event the HV aikido is indeed not ideal for headphone use, then i ll take no chance and go for the ehha. then eventually i ll build a 24v aikido or we ll see. i just cant afford to to mess around with big buck transformers right now. so, although very interesting, projects using these will have to wait. thanks everyone for your input and ill post impressions of my ehha.
  9. i m wondering how good are broskies HV supplies...maybe a 24V aikido with a very good supply would propulse it way ahead of the HV octal aikido, even if the tubes are not in the same category? i often look for a high quality HV supply but found nothing really solid and proven...or maybe that exstata supply could do justice to the aikido? guess mr.broskie would be better palced to answer those questions.. is a sigma powering the aikido?
  10. digger, at first i thought i d built both but that exstata has grown on me quite a bit. there are big chances ill built both but for now it s going to be one or the other i would build the amp you linked from kandk but the cost is a bit out of my bugdet for now, especially when i already have some components for the ehha and the aikido. but it looks nice indeed.maybe sometimes in the future if your review says it s worth it . one thing though is bogging me: i m not an audio expert but i ve read several times that transformers in the signal path are less than desirable in high-fedility au
  11. yeah before posting this thread i ask digger945 a comparison as he s the only one i saw who had both, but i told myself that i should post a thread as others too probably have heard both. so then i resent a message to digger saying he didnt need to respond. LOL anyway thanks for your input dbel i read everywhere only good things about those amp but the as they are completely different design-wise they should not sound the same...yes? also i ma bit afraid that the aikido would show less detail than the ehha because i tried the broskie cathode follower for balanced dac (Balanced-Ouput D
  12. hi everyone, i m torn between building an ehha and an aikido and the lack of info about them(especially aikido) has led me to ask for a comparison between the two. i d be using the ehha with a sigma22 and the aikido would be broskie latest octal lsa/hpa all-in-one(because i have a couple of sylvania and rca 6sn7 doing nothing in my wardrobe). comments on any aikido amp would be welcome as well. i m opened to other tube amps but those two seemed the best to me as far as i looked. if it can help i have a beta22 and a dual darkvoice 336i that you can compare with. any input would b
  13. i ve pretty much read it all and i havent found really anything. that is whay i m asking. anyway thanks for your input. i m gonna look araound
  14. is it possible for you elaborate on why it may or may not work well...please? it cant just be a coin toss each time...can it?
  15. you said: the sabre dac is finicky, so to set the zapfilter for the buffalo might be a problem. so it might be ok for the buffalo but not another dac boards. that s waht i meant. anyway i think we understand each other. i heard people had problems with the buffalo and for others it worked well. so maybe there are certain things that need to be avoided or there is a kind of recipe that makes it works well every time.
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