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  1. Hi I have sent you a PM also as I need them also. Finally going to start my boards. Thanks John
  2. Hi I am in the UK and have the option of the LSK389 in a,b,c and d options from a UK source? The data sheets look identical and the prices are all similar - what version do you think is the best? Cheers John
  3. My boards arrived in the UK on Monday. Many thanks for the effort.
  4. Having problems logging into my google account and adding to the spreadsheet - can someone add both versions of the PSU boards to my krell board please. Cheers John
  5. Hi Can you put me down for a krell board? Which PSU do you guys recommend? Cheers John
  6. Hi Would you be prepared to ship to the UK? Regards John
  7. One of these last night and drank it all!
  8. Such a simple but meaningful word! LOL Get your self over to DIYaudio.com, theres been a thread going on 6 years argueing about cables! John P.S Why not listen to your music via your mobile phone for a while (and for added help do it in a public place).
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