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  1. Because I know you were just trolling about the protector. What about the Little Dot MK VII for 325$ ?
  2. Finally after months with all the problems getting the dac(Pico dac lost by shipping company and y2 builder taking ages to order the parts)I just got my refund and decided to go with the DacMagic with a discount from a dude from my home town, and the rig is "complete". Now that I plugged all down, I don't like the sound its to distorted which I describe as a kinda messy metallic sound.. I tested on the dude house to find the problem, and it seems its the minimax tube effect, I tried the rs1+dacmagic with his Lehmann Audio Black Cub and the sound was so much better, still to much bright sometimes but thats just the rs1 and I hope HF2 will be the right tone, then we even tested with his little portable Caffeine Amp and still the sound was better. So now I'm selling the MiniMax and looking for a new amp, for 300-400$ I have checked the dynalo for 280$ and the dude recommended me a Pro-Ject Head Box SE II 264$, are thesse a good option or there are better ones, what do you suggest ? Thanks.
  3. Amazing job, the art department seems to fit the jh's sound quality no?.
  4. Actually I dont need usb if there is an optical one. Paramount seems interesting how much would be shipping that size to portugal ? More suggestions are welcome.
  5. Hello every one Like you know I was asking alternatives for the rs1,silly me... but now I completely threw that out of the window(yeah mexican you were right), they are definitely a keeper and I can relate to those of you who have been offended by comparing the rs1 with a ms1:palm:. Some already may know from the chat but I will give the details for those who don't. So a "random" stranger borrowed me an DacMagic and right from the beginning of the first music I was totally blown away by the quality of the sound, uh the details ..the details.. I was speechless .. warm sound ..everything sounded so right, the soundstage before didn't exist exist with the rs1 and now it had come alive , same to the bass dried deep punchs bot not to much just the way I like it, all my music have became a new world and I couldn't just stop listening even with my ears physically hurting as hell from the bowls I had to resist and go on and on. Before because of my picky ear even before knowing anything close to hi.fi I just couldn't stand allot of albums I had because everything just sounded muffed and messy, but not any more! I already returned the DacMagic and tried to listen some music but I just can't... After experiencing that energy is just painful.. I have been bitten and there is no turning back. Having said this after some walking in the dark I know how important the source is, I have 400$ spend. So far I only have these references the DacMagic of course, gamma y2 and parasound 1000 suggested by nikongod. Are there better dacs I can get with 400 $ and guessing there is which ? edit:Forgot to point this,the system is a RS1+Millet hybrid Minimax
  6. Yes I will wait, I'm going to follow Mexican advice. As a last resort if neither the HD600 or a stax do it for me I will sell everything but the gamma2 as you said and probably buy the jh13. As for the electrostatic headphones I know nothing, I have found out that there is dealer not too far from me and I may be having a visit and try some. What models in the 500$ range should I ask to audition ?
  7. Yeah don't worry I have been told. What did you say I can't recall.
  8. Hi, this sounds like a knowledge community sharing the same interest thats why I decided to come here, this my first hello to you. Going to the point I bough first and MS1, and to me doesn't sound near to what I would call decent hi.fi so I decided to go with the RS1 and the same happened. There was an improvement but not much. But this is straight from a 20$ Creative Stone Plus Mp3 Player and laptop. I ordered a minimax and gamma 2 when bought the rs1, the amp arrived but waiting for the dac to use it. The rs1 at least with crappy source doesn't make for me it just sounds 2 cheap speakers (sorry grado fans) . So I'm preparing my self for the eventuality of the grado sound isn't for me and pick another cans to use with Minimax and Gamma y2. I have eared good things about HD600 650 and the k701. I mostly listen to acoustic and rock, Phish Live concerts , whitestripes, animal collectice etc. What are your thoughts on these ?
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