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  1. I never heard an HiEnd universal so I'm curious if you though the campfire could get near the Custom JH13. Going universal with be less hassle with the ear molds thing.
  2. Decided finally to get some iems but I have been out of the loop for some time, so not sure if JH13/16 are still the thing to get or there's new king in town. You guys know what's up or just settled with the JH and never looked back ?
  3. So one has to be spritzer and have followed all the changes for years to tell if it's the last version or just know if was built after 2015, that's it?
  4. Some years ago I entered a group buy for the @kevin gilmore stepped attenuator board and ended in the draw until now . Today I'm having a carbon built and would like to use it but dunno if there is any code avaliable for it and instructions on how to program it. Is there any resource?
  5. Their Instagram story sure is compelling https://www.instagram.com/kaldasresearch/ Now we will just have to wait for spritzer meh or yeh.
  6. What is the serial number, from what I understand the one to get now a days is the sz3?
  7. @MASantos Well this dealer its actually one person show as it was the stax dealer before him who actually used his house to show the gear. When the price difference is about 1k or more.. Also there are more stores selling it much cheaper on europe who also pay employees, but I understand where u are coming from.
  8. @Torpedo Yeah always learning. That's exactly how he works.. asked to listen L-700, told me it was too expensive to ask one just to listen unless he needed to make a big order and that could take months, even a year.. also if I were to purchase it I would need the 50% deposit.. and wait.. to arrive This dealer crys that so few people buy stax products but like you said they seem to forget we are in European Union and the market its now global, people will look before buying, no wonder they won't sell with those prices and this kind of service. Rant off..
  9. Funny story. Some time ago supersonido had this Rega speakers like half of the price of the Portuguese dealer so I just inquired him if he could do same price as I would prefer to buy from him. His solution ? Call the brand and make threats. Rapidly the prices went back to normal. Could see same happening if we just showed these to our Stax dealers.
  10. Yeah only the 009 is B-stock it seems. Even if it was it would be killer price compared to what my dealer sells, take a look and run: Price Table At this prices I'm tempted to just get the 007. What would be a good enough cheap amp just to get by while I get myself an kgsshv built?
  11. Is this shop legit? Their prices are almost used price.
  12. After some absence from the game went to stax dealer to listen to the new lambdas and I must say I really enjoyed the L-500 sound, not bright as fuck as the 507(didn't have the L-700). I had the 007 mk1 which I though was too dark but the 007mk2 sn/Z3 on the dealer just sounded pretty spot on. Maybe I'm just aging to prefer this sound and my mind is playing tricks. Is the L-700 the lambda do get or older versions are still better?
  13. Have any one compared the Denafrip Ares with one of the soekris Dacs? I'm tempted by the Ares, but the other being in Europe makes it easier with customs.
  14. Any one heard both the M1060 and the HE400s ? Currently have the 400s and it has a pleasent sound for general listening, thinking to exchange it for it.
  15. not even the hp1000? its my favorite for rock, all the others can't stand the brightness. Still he has a point, even though i like the retro style one also here could say it makes no sense that build quality for the price.
  16. There you have it. It's all about improving the technology.
  17. So how would you describe the Elears sound ? the 1k mark for a hf could make it a excusable purchase.
  18. You can even loose by 4 if portugal doesn't score to ghana. Portugal has -4 goals.
  19. USA can loose the game with germany and you will still pass.
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