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    The Headcase Stax thread

    @MASantos Well this dealer its actually one person show as it was the stax dealer before him who actually used his house to show the gear. When the price difference is about 1k or more.. Also there are more stores selling it much cheaper on europe who also pay employees, but I understand where u are coming from.
  2. Spychedelic Whale

    The Headcase Stax thread

    @Torpedo Yeah always learning. That's exactly how he works.. asked to listen L-700, told me it was too expensive to ask one just to listen unless he needed to make a big order and that could take months, even a year.. also if I were to purchase it I would need the 50% deposit.. and wait.. to arrive This dealer crys that so few people buy stax products but like you said they seem to forget we are in European Union and the market its now global, people will look before buying, no wonder they won't sell with those prices and this kind of service. Rant off..
  3. Spychedelic Whale

    The Headcase Stax thread

    Funny story. Some time ago supersonido had this Rega speakers like half of the price of the Portuguese dealer so I just inquired him if he could do same price as I would prefer to buy from him. His solution ? Call the brand and make threats. Rapidly the prices went back to normal. Could see same happening if we just showed these to our Stax dealers.
  4. Spychedelic Whale

    The Headcase Stax thread

    Yeah only the 009 is B-stock it seems. Even if it was it would be killer price compared to what my dealer sells, take a look and run: Price Table At this prices I'm tempted to just get the 007. What would be a good enough cheap amp just to get by while I get myself an kgsshv built?
  5. Spychedelic Whale

    The Headcase Stax thread

    Is this shop legit? Their prices are almost used price.
  6. Spychedelic Whale

    The Headcase Stax thread

    After some absence from the game went to stax dealer to listen to the new lambdas and I must say I really enjoyed the L-500 sound, not bright as fuck as the 507(didn't have the L-700). I had the 007 mk1 which I though was too dark but the 007mk2 sn/Z3 on the dealer just sounded pretty spot on. Maybe I'm just aging to prefer this sound and my mind is playing tricks. Is the L-700 the lambda do get or older versions are still better?
  7. Spychedelic Whale

    The Headcase Stax thread

    Still find the 007 the superior one?
  8. Spychedelic Whale

    SRL300 Limited

    Did you have the chance ?
  9. Spychedelic Whale

    Denafrips DACs

    Have any one compared the Denafrip Ares with one of the soekris Dacs? I'm tempted by the Ares, but the other being in Europe makes it easier with customs.
  10. Average at 5k and still gets Wall of Fame ? thats weird.
  11. Spychedelic Whale

    The Orthodynamic Thread

    Any one heard both the M1060 and the HE400s ? Currently have the 400s and it has a pleasent sound for general listening, thinking to exchange it for it.
  12. Spychedelic Whale

    Hifiman Edition 6 Headphones

    not even the hp1000? its my favorite for rock, all the others can't stand the brightness. Still he has a point, even though i like the retro style one also here could say it makes no sense that build quality for the price.
  13. Spychedelic Whale

    Hifiman Edition 6 Headphones

    There you have it. It's all about improving the technology.
  14. Spychedelic Whale

    Focal Utopia headphones...with Beryllium driver

    So how would you describe the Elears sound ? the 1k mark for a hf could make it a excusable purchase.
  15. Spychedelic Whale

    World Cup 2014

    You can even loose by 4 if portugal doesn't score to ghana. Portugal has -4 goals.
  16. Spychedelic Whale

    World Cup 2014

    USA can loose the game with germany and you will still pass.
  17. Spychedelic Whale

    World Cup 2014

    Portugal is playing so poorly it hurts.. Also its not normal the number of injuries in just 2 games.... Something is going on.. Well, congratulations to the USA, they surprised every one with some nice football. Atleast he did some eye candy:
  18. Spychedelic Whale

    World Cup 2014

  19. Spychedelic Whale

    World Cup 2014

    Portugal is waking up.. I'm feeling it.
  20. Spychedelic Whale

    How Music Hijacks Our Perception of Time

  21. Spychedelic Whale

    Koss 950 (really turn me on) ...

    With the kgss I liked it more than the 007 and 507. But yes they lacked the detail level of the 007 but somehow they were most fun to listen to all different types of music and smooth like a baby ass.
  22. Spychedelic Whale

    Audeze LCD-X

    I think they are bros from another mother.
  23. Spychedelic Whale


    I decided to get some decent set of nearfield speakers to have on the desk next to the wall and I was thinking in something like the Audio engine A5 or Adam A5x. Don't know if I can get better for the money, what do you guys suggest?
  24. Spychedelic Whale

    Have you heard this Smyth Research Realiser?

    So I went with a friend see some speakers at the Hi.fi store and while doing our listening session the owner was always talking about this simulator device that he got but we continued to say "yeah yeah lets hear the speakers". At the end he convinced us to have a go and I could see how all smiley he was. I put the stax 202 on the ears and I keep waiting for him to turn off the speakers and boot the headphones but when I take off the headphones I realized the speakers weren't playing and that was when my jaw dropped The sound was in fact coming from the headphones, it sounded exactly like the speaker but better, you know with stax speed detail etc.. so he best of both worlds. The store was already closing so I only listened to one song but that was impressive to say the least. From what he explained he had to put the small ear.microfone on his hears while playing music and the device saves the room acoustics according to each individual ears. You could have a tracking device on the headphone too if you want to turn the head and have the speakers position locked just like in real world. http://www.stereophile.com/content/music-round-45-page-2 http://smyth-researc...technology.html http://news.cnet.com/8301-13645_3-20010977-47.html?tag=mncol;txt I believe this thing have been on some of the headphone meetings, any of you gave it a go ?